Volunteer Bo Peiyu: We are the most beautiful snowflakes in the Winter Olympics

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In a blink of an eye, the Beijing Winter Olympics will close tonight!In the more than ten days of the Winter Olympics, Xu Mengtao, Gu Ailing, Su Yiming, Qi Guangpu, Jia Zongyang and other Olympic athletes competed for gold and silver, millions of audiences cheered.Bo Peiyu, a volunteer at the Zhangjiakou Mountain Press Center for the Beijing Winter Olympics, is one of them.Bo Peiyu volunteered at the Mountain News Center in Zhangjiakou.During the Winter Olympics, she worked 10 night shifts “the last night shift with the kids, tick-tock…”This is bo Peiyu 19 posted moments.In less than 30 days of winter Olympics volunteer work, she spent 10 such nights.Bo Peiyu, a teacher at Hebei University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, works as a volunteer supervisor at the Mountain News Center, mainly responsible for the daily management and rights protection of all volunteers.”The mountain News Center has a total of 199 volunteers, who come from six universities in Beijing and Hebei province to do volunteer work in different fields such as technology, media and language services.I am honored and proud to work with such outstanding teachers and students.””Bo peiyu said.It is reported that zhangjiakou Mountain News Center is 1.9 kilometers away from The Genting Ski Park, and within 7 kilometers from the Winter Olympics village, award plaza and ancient poplar venues.The venue space mainly uses part of the genting Hotel’s first to third floor space, the first floor is rented space by the world’s major news agencies;The second floor includes the main service desk, press conference hall, media main workshop, public service area, photography service center, etc., providing more than 400 stations for journalists.The third floor is the venue operation center and restaurant.”Since January 23, the mountain News Center has been in operation 24 hours a day, receiving journalists from media from all over the world.”According to Bo peiyu, there are 15 volunteers in the volunteer field, and each group is divided into three shifts in the morning, middle and night, and each group is divided into three shifts in the morning, middle and night, and each of them will work at least eight night shifts on average during the whole Winter Olympic cycle.Bo Peiyu signed up in December 2019 when the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics released a global recruitment announcement for volunteers.”As a native of Zhangjiakou, I have a rare opportunity to host the Winter Olympics on my doorstep. I will definitely strive for it and participate in it to witness this historic moment.”Bo says this is not the first time she has participated in volunteer work.While studying abroad, she participated in local social welfare activities and later did volunteer work in an orphanage in Nepal.As Bo has studied abroad, she is also responsible for training volunteers in spoken English.When the mountain News Center held a press conference, volunteers from her group would come to help, and Bo would give them short English sentences in advance. “The volunteers also surf the Internet on their own. Besides English, they also learn Japanese and French in case they need them.It was a test of their individual learning ability and overall quality, and they did a great job.””We volunteers come from all over the country, including teachers and students, and have different professional backgrounds. But we have formed an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and support in our work.Although wearing masks, they could not see each other’s faces, bo peiyu said, they could feel their sincerity and kindness through a look or a movement.Bo Peiyu volunteered at the Mountain News Center in Zhangjiakou.No matter what position, they are the most beautiful snowflakes in the Winter Olympics. When Fan Kexin took the bronze medal in the Women’s 3,000-meter short track speed skating relay, she kissed the ice and left with a smile.Jia Zongyang missed the men’s freestyle skiing aerials final after learning that he had 22 steel nails in his legs.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, people not only paid attention to the champions, but also saw the hard work of many athletes and admired their perseverance and courage.As Bo peiyu wrote in her moments: ‘It’s the best thing to stand in the Winter Olympics, no matter you make it to the podium or you don’t make it to the final.Volunteer service is the same, whether in front of the stage or behind the scenes, they are quietly contributing to the Winter Olympics, everyone is indispensable.They are on duty from dawn to seven or eight in the morning and never complain about being tired. They are more willing to show their smiles and vitality to others.”Some of the volunteers’ work is not on camera or reported, but they are supporting the Games with their own actions, Said Bo peiyu.”As the most solid support for 199 volunteers of the Mountain News Center, I provided services and guarantees wholeheartedly, listened to the students’ opinions patiently and tried my best to solve the difficulties of the volunteers,” Bo said. “I also realized my dream of the Winter Olympics.I believe we are the most beautiful snowflakes at the Winter Olympics, no matter what the volunteer position.”Reporter: Liu Shuang, Tan Shuo editor: Li Xiaoxing Editor: Ju Su audit: Yang Dong