Fiba youth world ranking system updated, the latest rankings announced

2022-06-23 0 By

Following the success of fiBA’s youth events such as the U19 Basketball World Cup last year, we have introduced a new FIBA Youth World ranking system.The rationale for the new system is the same as the FIBA World Ranking system introduced in November 2017 ahead of the launch of the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup qualifiers.Let’s see the results!The ranking system moved from an event-based system to a tournament-based system.The new rankings are based on the results of the past two FIBA UNDER-19 and UNDER-17 World Cups and the most recent two Intercontinental Youth Cups, which replace those under the previous system.The rankings take into account competition data from the past eight years.In the new FIBA Junior Women’s world rankings issued by Nike, the United States, the recent UNDER-19 and UNDER-17 women’s Basketball World Cup champions, topped the list with 817.9 points, Followed by Australia with 684.7, France with 666.2, China with 641.9 and Spain with 627.2.In the new FIBA Junior men’s world rankings issued by Nike, the United States, the recent U19 and U17 Basketball World Cup champion, remains first with 828.7 points, Spain second with 685.9, France third with 679.3, Canada fourth with 653.8 and Turkey fifth with 647.4.