Goodbye LGD!Insider: in the single JAY fake game!Post chat logs and audio recordings

2022-06-23 0 By

LPL and SOME LDL players were found to have participated in fake matches last year, so the LPL has been in a calm situation. However, it is surprising that some players are still violating the rules of professional players.Early in the morning on the 6th, insiders broke the LGD single JAY to participate in the fake game.The revelation came from an anonymous user on Weibo, who posted several transcripts of his conversations with JAY.For example, When JAY asked when he would receive the money, he was told that he would receive the money if he played the second game.JAY also revealed that LGD’s teammates will help me.I paid off my teammates and let them participate in the game.Then there is LGD and BLG that match, before the two people are also working on how to operate things.JAY: 28 big heads is not easy to play.In addition, this user also exposed a number of telephone recordings, the content is basically related to the operation of the competition, and even exposed JAY’s phone number, the number of alipay can be queried through the phone number is Called Chen Bo, JAY is also called Chen Bo.After this incident broke out, JAY’s personal weibo, LGD official weibo and LPL official weibo have been taken down. JAY’s weibo and LGD official weibo are mocking them for fixing matches. Many people are saying, why is it LGD that has a player involved in fixing matches?Under LPL’s official blog, many netizens called for an official investigation and a clean environment for LPL competitions.Beta think: JAY is in the middle of the season to return to the game as a starter, before LGD single has always been YeG, but did not expect the hard-won opportunity he did not cherish, but is desperate risk, for the sake of interests to do harm to the fair and just wrong game.In fact, JAY himself is not weak, there is some personal operation, he has won a lot of MVP before, also won the champion of the solo competition, it should be said that such a strong player will be seen sooner or later, but I did not expect him to make a mistake again and again, now there is no chance to turn over.Now, of course, it is only a revelation stage, I believe that the official has received the news, we wait for the results of the official investigation, whether refuting rumors or punishment, I believe that the official will give you a statement.So, what do you have to say about this?