Li Yuchun talks about collaboration with Deng Chao in 2021

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Source: Sina Entertainment
Sina Entertainment news again appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage, Li Yuchun bid farewell to “solo”, deng Chao, Yi Yangqixi together to sing a vibrant song “sense of The Times”.Before and Sina entertainment chat, Deng Chao had laughed that the first cooperation of three people in the early rehearsals often do not look in the eyes, “tacit understanding” to be investigated.Li Yuchun analysis, “because I with qian Xi’s personality a little bit introverted, may want to find a feeling”, but “now has been very good”.For a long time, repeated outbreaks of the epidemic prevented countless gatherings, which also made Li yuchun regret in 2021: the concert was cancelled again.Recalling the happiest moment of the year, Li attributed it to her fans’ spontaneous online concerts to make up for her regret. “It was completely unexpected for me and I was really moved,” she said.The New Year has arrived, one of her wishes, also not into the concert can be held smoothly.The Spring Festival ceremony is to prepare for the winter plum blossom before the New Year to carry out a thorough cleaning sina Entertainment: The New Year, this year’s Spring Festival plan how to spend?Li: This Spring Festival is about staying at home with my family.Since I don’t have much time to spend with my family this year, I still want to spend time with them at home during the Spring Festival.Sina entertainment: back to Sichuan or pick up family to Beijing to celebrate the New Year?Li: Back to Chengdu.Sina entertainment: every year before coming home to celebrate the New Year, can you foretell home to prepare a few of what things?Li: No.I was wondering, did I tell my mom what to prepare?Nothing too special, it seems.Sina entertainment: what can you miss at home especially?Li: For example, yesterday I received a photo taken by my mother. Every year when the Spring Festival is approaching, our family will prepare a big plum blossom. The fragrance will remind us of the Upcoming Spring Festival, so WHEN she took it to me, I suddenly had that memory.Sina entertainment: this strain of plum blossom is a ritual feeling of li’s New Year’s Day?Li: I think so.Sina entertainment: do you personally have any sense of ritual?Li: No.Sina entertainment: not at all?Li yuchun: SOME of my childhood habits are traditional, nothing special.Sina Entertainment: Then share with us a habit that you continue today.Li yuchun: For example, before the New Year, I will clean the house completely. Ah, I seem to become a person who likes handling things very much. (laugh)Sina entertainment: you are responsible for cleaning?Li: Yes, everything like bed sheets and things like that will have a new look, including maybe wearing new clothes on the first day of the New Year, some very traditional habits.Sina Entertainment: So you clean, parents can be beside the melon seeds in there watching.Li: Not really (laughs).Will be together.Sina Entertainment: If I follow you back to your hometown for the Spring Festival, teach me two words of Geely dialect that can be used to chat with elders.Li yuchun: I’ll teach you a difficult one.It is related to a blessing I sent today, because I just got that blessing before, but it is actually a little difficult for the pronunciation of Sichuan, called Fuhu Auspicious (pronunciation in Sichuan dialect, the first two characters are all pronounced FU).Sina entertainment: “fu fu” auspicious, with sichuan dialect is it?Li: Yes, I think it’s difficult to say it in Putonghua, but in Sichuan dialect, it means “fu fu”.Sina entertainment: that if now temporarily give you an examination topic, let you say a tongue twister you OK?Li yuchun: No!It’s hard, I think.Share and Deng Chaoyi yangqianxi cooperation feeling claiming to play mahjong grab red envelope level is not sina entertainment: share this year you in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala program it.Li yuchun: The song I sing is called “Sense of The Times”. This time, it is a collaboration song with Deng Chaochao and Yi Yangqixi. It is a song full of youth and vigor.Sina Entertainment: before the interview with super brother, he said he was very nervous for the first time on the Spring Festival Gala, and sent you a wechat message to ask you how to do, do you teach him any skills?Li yuchun: There are some communication skills, such as how to do if he forgets words, and how to do if he can’t remember some words. I said you can make up a dance to memorize it.Sina entertainment: so this rehearsal, do you think he has adopted your method?Li: Because he is really different every time, I think he is trying to find the best condition, he may try some different moves or something, so I don’t know which one is certain now.Sina entertainment: he also say you under the stage have discussed, in the stage can each other each other eye contact once, but the time that seems to say a few times rehearse, you 3 eyes always don’t top.Li yuchun: a little bit, because after all, this is the first time to cooperate, and QIanxi and I are a little introverted, maybe we need to find a feeling, at the beginning, a little bit lost, but now it is very good.Sina Entertainment: Share the look of CCTV Spring Festival Gala this year.Li yuchun: The shape of CCTV Spring Festival Gala this year, I think, is very festive, a kind of festive Spring Festival gala.This year, because this song is also more positive and lively, the whole feeling is festive.Sina Entertainment: besides watching the Spring Festival Gala, what activities do you usually get together on New Year’s Eve?Li yuchun: Watching the Spring Festival Gala, chatting and eating, chengdu people play mahjong.Sina Entertainment: Do you serve?Li yuchun: I will fill in the vacancy.Sina entertainment: you dozen how kind?Li: I really can’t.Sina entertainment: so your home dozen mahjong a handle is who?Li yuchun: I can’t say that about my mother.Sina entertainment: you this said the answer.Li: I don’t think she can, but she thinks she can, but I definitely can’t.Sina entertainment: anyway put his row to the third.Li yuchun: LET me rank several. We have too many relatives in our family.Sina entertainment: your New Year’s blessing is commonly in when hair?Li yuchun: About the 30th or the third day of the Chinese New Year.Sina entertainment: you can send very individual character of blessing SMS or copy paste group hair?Li: I don’t really copy and paste.Sina Entertainment: are you the kind of person who will spend a lot of effort to compose SMS content?Li: Not bad, I think it must be better than copy and paste.Sina entertainment: can you give everybody hair red envelope?When will it be sent?Li yuchun: I don’t give red envelopes to my elders, but I give them to my juniors, my family friends, my colleagues in the company, or my close friends.Sina Entertainment: are you a generous friend?Li yuchun: Giving red envelopes is an unlimited thing, and I can’t say I’m generous.Sina entertainment: everyone happy good, grab red envelope grab happy.Li: Yes.Sina entertainment: do you still have what opportunity to be able to grab red envelope in a few groups now?Li: I can get a red envelope in our elder group, because young people move quickly in groups and the number is limited, which is usually the case.But the elders generally take care of more, sometimes more, is always put there are no people rob the kind of, you can pick up a few.Sina entertainment: feel you are picking up the leak.Li: Yes.Sina entertainment: so every time pick up lucky lucky good?Li: Not really.Sina Entertainment: Are there any sad moments or regrets in 2021?Li: The concert has been cancelled again.Sina Entertainment: so how did you spend those days by yourself?Li yuchun: I spent my time in a comprehensive mood, especially depressed, especially irritable, crazy emotions, ups and downs, not only one state.Reporter: I hope this year if there is a chance to open this concert.Li: Yes.Sina Entertainment: what is the moment that makes you feel happy in 2021?Li yuchun: When the concert was not completed, the fans made an online concert, which was completely unexpected for me, and I was really touched.Sina entertainment: have small shed tears?Li yuchun: It’s more joyful, but if I think about some of the things behind it, I will feel touched and moved.Sina Entertainment: Share one of the most memorable work experience in 2021.Li: I think it should be the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party.It was a work experience of a level of intensity and intensity that I had never experienced in my career, and rehearsing with people and being part of a performance at a very important moment, I think, is quite memorable.Sina Entertainment: If you want to challenge something that has never been done before in 2022, what is it?Li: I have no idea.Sina Entertainment: challenge to sina entertainment office site sweep the building.Li: Ok, I’ll sweep the building while I’m releasing my album!Sina entertainment: finally, a question for the next artist who comes to chat with us.Li yuchun: Do you want to sweep the building together?Is that ok?I don’t know who I’m dragging down.Sina entertainment: answer the question of wang Mian of an artist, when can cooperate with Wang Mian a music talk show?Li yuchun: He can’t do this casually, can he?It has some difficulty.I saw him perform, and I thought it was interesting, and then he played and sang by himself, so I thought there was a possibility, because it wasn’t like a ballet or something that I couldn’t do, and I thought it was something that I could do.(Article/article by Wang Yuanhong/Photography by Wang Cian/video)