North Taipingzhuang street to carry out thematic cultural popularization activities

2022-06-23 0 By

BeiTaiPingZhuang street/credit in order to let more people understand, accept autistic people and families, improve correct understanding of autism, a few days ago, BeiTaiPingZhuang street (DPF) to people’s livelihood security office areas of modern intelligent fusion in kindergarten to carry out the “star light diligently, promoting the communion with love” theme culture and scientific propaganda activities.On the occasion of the “World Autism Awareness Day”, the Office of Street Livelihood Protection (CDPF) and various communities have popularized the knowledge about autism, how autistic people behave and how to communicate with the autistic people through various forms such as micro classes, short videos and wechat groups.The aim is to call on the whole society to work together to focus on barriers, remove barriers, break down stereotypes, promote inclusiveness, and understand the possibilities that can help them find more education and employment.”Misunderstanding and ignorance are often the biggest barriers to social recognition and support for autistic people. Autistic people should have their equal opportunities to develop and enjoy a normal life.”From the North Pacific Disabled Persons’ Federation rehabilitation coordinator Wang Chen teacher said.In the micro class of “World Autism Awareness Day”, the lecturer made us understand how to detect and intervene autistic children early and what the characteristics of autistic people are through interactive questioning and video explanation.The importance of early intervention for autistic children, how to get along with autistic people, how to provide them with necessary social support, and CDPF’s promotion of rehabilitation policies for autistic children, etc.After the activity, we have said, the lesson content simple and practical, well, after hearing through the autistic disorder knowledge popularization, to understand their “unique” and into the hardships of the society, let everybody more accepted autistic people, at the same time of increase disability prevention promoted FuCan assistive fine social trends.In addition, the modern intelligent fusion BeiTaiPingZhuang area kindergarten also carried out on April 2, “international autism awareness day” theme of public welfare activities, called on the whole society to the attention of children with autism, deepen the social understanding of autistic children, foster the healthy growth of a child for special good social culture atmosphere, provide them with more favorable social environment.BeiTaiPingZhuang streets will actively take advantage of dependency, shouldering social responsibilities, continue to focus on care for autistic children, through all kinds of warm heart campaign, calling for more people to respect, understanding, focused on autism disabilities and family, social positive energy, promote autism family social rehabilitation rescue mechanism, and help change “the star child” another life,Work together for a better tomorrow.(Reporter Meng Fanhui)