Surprise welfare to Chongqing Tuan car discount of 7000 yuan, looking forward to your visit

2022-06-23 0 By

It’s time to change your car and change your mood. Recently, Chongqing Huawei Lianzhong Store has lowered its price by 7,000 yuan until February 5th.Look forward to your visit promotion time from February 05, 2022 to February 05, 2022 Tuan latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Chongqing quotation 330TSI two-drive luxury edition 29200 yuan 0.700 yuan 28500 yuan 380TSIFour-wheel drive deluxe edition 312,200 yuan 0.700 yuan 30.500 yuan 330TSI two-wheel drive deluxe edition 320,200 yuan 0.700 yuan 313,500 yuan 380TSI four-wheel drive deluxe edition 34,200 yuan 0.700 yuan 33.500 yuan 380TSI530 V6 4WD Respected flagship edition 37200 yuan 0.700 yuan 36.500 yuan 530 V6 4WD respected flagship edition 37200 yuan 0.700 yuan 39.500 yuan