The fourth return trip must see!Highways across the province are now closed

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Today anhui meteorological issued a yellow fog warning 06 with 10 points first change released within 6 hours of fog orange early warning signal along the huai and jianghuai between parts are part of the fog of visibility is less than 200 meters less than 50 meters in hefei observatory at 02 50 released parts of fog yellow warning signal within 12 hours will be part of the fog of visibility is less than 500 meters< 200 meters up to 8:28 on February 4, Anhui highway section road conditions: traffic police instructions, control information: Hefei Ring Expressway: (full line entrance) Shushan, Jixian Road, Jinzhai Road, Baohe Avenue, South Feihe Road, Feidong, Longtang, Liangyuan, Gangji, Shuangdun, sanditou entrance temporarily closed.Two-way zhongxing service area is closed.Chuxin highway :(full line entrance) linquan, laji, funan, yinghuai avenue, fuyang south, yingshang, yingshang east, maoji, huainan, huainan west, chuzhou west, ou tang, dingyuan south, yongfeng entrance temporarily closed.Xincai to Hefei direction vehicles from Linquan, MAO set export diversion.Hening expressway: Quanjiao west, Dashu, Wuzhuang, baluster set, Baogong Shitang entrance temporarily closed.Whole pepper service area, big villa service area two-way export closed.Chuzhou branch line: yellow chestnut entrance temporary closure.Ji-guang Expressway: Fuyang east, Yuan Zhai, Nanzhao entrance temporarily closed.Zhou Ji, madian entrance prohibited dangerous chemical vehicles, three overtaking, bus on the road.Tiantian highway: Chuzhou south, quanjiao east, Hexian north, Chuzhou east entrance temporarily closed.Wuhe Expressway: wangtie, Chaohu and Zegao entrances were temporarily closed.Yongzhen station, wuhu North station entrance to prohibit two passengers and one dangerous vehicles on the highway.Chaohu service area of Wuhu to Hefei direction temporarily closed exports.Hesu expressway :(full line entrance) shuangmiao, jiuzi, yongkang, bengbu, tushan huaiyuan, bengbu west, baoji, suzhou south, suzhou, huaibei entrance closed.Hefei to Xuzhou direction of vehicles from Bengbu export diversion.Xuzhou to Hefei direction vehicles from suzhou export diversion.The two-way yuhui service area is temporarily closed, and hefei to king service area is temporarily closed.Banghe expressway :(full line entrance) guantang, huainan east, changfengnan, yangmiao, wushan entrance temporarily closed.German Shanghai Expressway: guoyang north, Guoyang east, Fengtaibei, Fengtai, Shouxian, Anfeng Tang, Anfeng, Sanjue entrance temporarily closed.Yongcheng to Hefei direction from scroll north, Fengtaibei, Shouxian export diversion road.Jiefu pham high speed :(full line entrance) boundary head, taihe, li xin east, li xin, li xin west, mengcheng, huai yuan west entrance temporarily closed.Boundary head to bengbu direction of vehicles from mengcheng export diversion.Temporary closure of two-way sanjiao Service area entrance.Yan Lo Expressway: Temporary closure of entrances to Huai Bei Nan, Sui Xi and Tie Fo road.Lian-huo expressway :(full line entrance) xiaoxian east, xiaoxian south, zhangzhuang village entrance to hefei direction temporarily closed.Xuming Expressway: Wuhe West, West entrance of Sixian temporarily closed.Xuzhou to the direction of mingguang vehicles from sixian west export diversion.Guobang expressway :(full line entrance) hongji and guzhen east entrance temporarily closed.Ji-guang Expressway: Two-way Leibu service area temporarily closed.Huangfu Expressway: Two-way Qiyun Mountain service area temporarily closed.Affected by the snow, control information: Germany on the high speed: Fir Yang north entrance prohibited dangerous chemical vehicle high speed.Anhui Meteorological comprehensive Jianghuai Morning Post, Hefei Meteorological all rights reserved by the original author if there is infringement, please contact