After the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, who did the princess marry?These stars are actually descended from royalty

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As the saying goes, “Once the son of Heaven, one courtier”, the change of dynasties often means a great reshuffle of status for courtiers, especially for the interests of the royal relatives.The fall of the old dynasty and the establishment of the new dynasty were a huge blow to the descendants of the royal family of the old dynasty.Interestingly, after the fall of the Qing Dynasty, the lives of several princess who belonged to the royal descendants were naturally more or less affected.However, because the government of the Republic of China promised to give qing Court preferential conditions, the life of these Jin Zhiyuye did not suffer a devastating blow, has been married.So, who did these gurus marry?Surprisingly, it turns out that some of the biggest stars on TV today are actually descendants of royalty.What’s going on here?It is well known that the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty was Aisin Gioro Puyi, but he was not the direct son of the emperor huang Sun, but in the case of guangxu Emperor no son, was the empress Dowager Cixi phase as the heir.In terms of generation, Puyi is the great-grandson of emperor Daoguang, grandson of Emperor Xianfeng’s younger brother, nephew of Emperor Guangxu.Puyi was able to stand out in the empress Dowager cixi’s many imperial grandchildren, was chosen as the successor, is actually the last Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, the reason is that his father, later regent Feng zaifeng and Emperor Guangxu blood close and young, get the favor of the Empress Dowager cixi.Interestingly, Puyi can be superior because “son by father expensive”, and in Puyi ascended the throne, feng feng is therefore “father by son expensive”, become the regent of the court, in fact, the government.Because puyi succeeded to the throne but is a three years old or so children, at this time the palace of nature can not have puyi’s children, so the Qing Dynasty thin west mountain refers to ge Ge, in fact refers to puyi’s sisters, that is, regent feng’s daughters.Unlike Tongzhi and Guangxu, who did not leave a single heir, there are not only puyi, Pujie and other sons, but also seven daughters.Therefore, in the late Qing Dynasty, there were actually seven ge Ge.Since they were all younger than Puyi, who had been emperor for only three years, they were either born close to the end of the Qing dynasty or were actually born in the Republic of China.In fact, they did not enjoy much royal honor, the Qing dynasty had died out.The establishment of the Republic of China deprived the qing imperial family of the right and status to do whatever they wanted, but they were still allowed to live in the Forbidden City and live in luxury because of the preferential conditions granted by the Republic government.If we study the marriage status of these princess, we will find that although they grew up in the Republic of China, there are still some princess can not get rid of the shackles of feudal etiquette and law.02 ethical bondage, it is difficult to get rid of them among the big Ge Yunying, is the regent feng feng’s eldest daughter, that is, puyi’s first sister.In the “match”, “refers to the marriage” and other feudal etiquette concept under the constraint, Yun Ying was referred to puyi’s brother-in-law, namely the queen Wanrong brother Run liang wife.More sadly, Yun Ying suffered from acute appendicitis shortly after marriage, limited to the backward medical conditions at the time, because of ineffective treatment died, only 17 years old.And two Ge Yun and is also in the reluctantly concluded an arranged marriage, married to the Qing Dynasty, the puppet Manchukuo Prime Minister Zheng Xiaoxu’s grandson Zheng Guangyuan.Compared with the sister, yun and marriage is obviously puyi in order to win over his saddle minister Zheng Xiaoxu deliberately, strong political color.After the founding of New China, Yun and became a teacher, her husband Zheng Guangyuan became an engineer, two people finally live a stable flat day.Similar to the three Ge Ge Yun Ying, she was puyi betrowed to another brother-in-law, queen Wanrong’s brother Run Lin, also did not get the freedom of marriage.More sigh, Run Lin is missing after the end of the War of Resistance against Japan, leaving Yun Ying and a few children, orphans and widows struggling to live.The marriage of four Ge Yun xian has suffered twists and turns.She was originally betrothed to the son of ling Sheng, a qing dynasty survivor, but the marriage fell apart when Ling sheng was killed by the Japanese for being loyal to Pu Yi.Puyi turned yun Xian betrothed to his classmate Zhao Qipan.Zhao Qi fan due to work for the Japanese, after the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan fled Taiwan, Yun Xian decades later with her husband.Five Ge Ge Yun did puyi xu to the Qing Dynasty minister Wan Okinawa stepson Wan Jiaxi, who is also in the puppet Manchukuo office, for the tiger.On the eve of victory, Her Name was captured by the Soviet Red Army as a prisoner of war and sentenced to years in prison before being released to be with her wife.Six Gig-Yun and seven Gig-Yun were luckier than their sisters.Yun Yu although also arranged marriage, but her husband Wanyan love LAN kindred spirits, two people obsessed with painting and calligraphy, live happily ever after.Yun Huan is the brave pursuit of true love, did not accept the arranged marriage at home, with a teacher free love, lifelong commitment to education, admirable.During the turbulent Period of the Republic of China, the royal descendants of the Qing Dynasty had very different destinies in life due to their different interests and aspirations.After experiencing the changes of The Times, such as the last emperor Puyi and others have been unwilling to heart, want to restore the monarchy, restore the glory of the family, the results of the history of reversing, hit the head broken and bleeding.On the contrary, there are another group of people who, although they also have the blood and identity of the descendants of the Qing Dynasty royal family, are willing to dull, and even actively give up the royal name of the high-profile, changed their name to change the ordinary life.Similar to the end of the seven characters, some of them couldn’t break free, but some of them did.As the so-called “old wang Xie Tang yan, flying into the ordinary family,” these royal descendants changed their names into the lives of ordinary people, has made it difficult to detect their identity.For example, people are now familiar with the popularity of several big stars, in fact, are descendants of the royal family.Having “Beijing circle gege” said guan Xiaotong was born in fact is one of the eight manchuria guerjia family, mainland love song queen Na Ying is the famous Yehenna family’s descendants, Wu Jing’s ancestors are from manchuria is yellow banner wula Na family, the famous pianist Lang Lang is niu co Lu family’s descendants.04 Summary Under the background of dynasty change, the royal descendants of the Qing Dynasty either actively or passively accepted this fact.For them, as long as they do not cling to the so-called royal halo, it is possible to get rid of the shackles of feudal ethics.Compared with those who were deeply influenced by feudal ethics, it was a rare happiness to be able to live the life they wanted by changing their names.Reference materials: “Qing History draft” pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact delete!