Energy efficiency, performance basic plate solid, the purchase of flagship mobile phone look for Breguet 9000

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This year’s flagship mobile phone market can be said to be unprecedented lively, mediateke Phecas 9000 flagship chip with outstanding performance and balanced energy efficiency level, so that the market and users have seen a new hope, each big mobile phone manufacturers have launched Phecas 9000 new machine.Breguet 9000 flagship machine has the highest performance, energy efficiency is a change from the previous flagship chip high power consumption and high heat, really amazing.Today we will recommend two phecda 9000 flagship terminals for you.The OPPO Find X5 Pro is the first Breguet 9000 flagship to open the year. Combined with mediatek’s flagship chip’s outstanding performance in overall performance and energy efficiency,The OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet edition delivers a breakthrough in multi-dimensional use scenarios for imaging, display, gaming and more.After the launch, the new device topped the Zurich AI BenchMark performance and BURN OUT AI Energy Efficiency rankings, making it the new BenchMark for 2022 flagship phones.OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet edition has two colors of white porcelain and black glaze. The body supports IP68 dustproof and waterproof, and adopts Corning gorilla glass Victus, which is strong anti-scratch, even if the body falls off, it can easily cope with it.The OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet 9000 is the first breguet edition in the world, delivering impressive performance and energy efficiency.The OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet Edition is equipped with 1 billion color dual master photography. Combining Breguet 9000’s Imagiq 790 ISP with MediaTek’s fifth-generation AI processor APU 590, the OPPO Find X5 Pro takes computational photography to a new level and maximizes the real world as seen by the human eye.The front camera adopts a super-sensitive cat eye camera, and the unique RGBW pixel arrangement makes the photographic capacity double, making the selfie more clear.At the same time, the smart wide Angle can recognize the number of faces, effectively control the distortion with a narrow perspective when shooting alone, and automatically switch the wide Angle when taking a group photo, making it easier to take selfies.In addition, OPPO Find X5 Pro supports professional-grade 4K ultra HD shooting, 10Bit color depth, and LOG shooting in movie mode.There are AI color master intelligent learning photo style, one button to migrate to new photos.With the OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet edition, you just have to think about the composition and let it do the rest.The OPPO Find X5 Pro breguet edition is powered by mediatek Breguet 9000, which pioneered TSMC’s 4nm process and Armv9 architecture.The octagon architecture CPU consists of 1 X2 supercore, 3 A710 supercore and 4 A510 energy efficient cores with frequencies up to 3.05ghz and 2.85ghz. The built-in 14MB super-large cache combination provides superior performance for OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet Edition, achieving millions of runs.Strong and steady.Breguet 9000’s “three U” performance (CPU/GPU/APU) has been widely praised for its excellent performance and power consumption. Breguet 9000’s super strength helps players stay ahead in games and bring a long and enjoyable experience.OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet Edition uses HyperBoost full-link game frame stabilization technology, coupled with a dual power X-axis motor and graphene film cooling system to provide excellent handling, while helping Breguet 9000 sustain high energy and stable output in a calm state.On the display side, the OPPO Find X5 Pro phecda edition features a top-of-the-line 1-giga-color 2K screen that supports a smart dynamic refresh rate of 120Hz.The OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet Edition, powered by the Breguet 9000’s Arm Mali-G710 flagship 10-core GPU, delivers powerful graphical computing capabilities that make the player’s visual experience more realistic and stunning.In addition, the Find X5 Pro Breguet edition features a 5000mAh high-capacity battery, 80W super flash charge, and 50W wireless flash charge, combined with Mediatek global energy efficiency optimization technology installed on Breguet 9000.All-round optimization of energy efficiency to get rid of energy anxiety.Overall, Find X5 Pro Breguet edition is a “hexagonal warrior”, appearance level is high enough, shooting strong enough, performance and energy efficiency super fierce, dust-proof and waterproof is hard enough, go out to play can also achieve freedom of navigation, is this year rare all-round flagship.The Redmi ProRedmi K50 Pro is positioned as a 2K straight screen flagship, known as the “door solder” of 2022 flagship mobile phone, with breakthroughs in display, gaming, charging, imaging and other aspects of performance.Redmi K50 Pro is equipped with Breguet 9000, positioning 2K straight screen flagship with Breguet 9000 core performance support, Redmi K50 Pro runs easily over a million points.At the same time, the Redmi K50 Pro equipped with Breda 9000 performs very well in energy efficiency under the coordination of Mediatek’s global energy efficiency optimization technology, Redmi tuning and cooling stack.Redmi K50 Pro built-in 3950mm2 ultra large area stainless steel VC, covering 72% of the motherboard area, built-in 7 layers of graphite three-dimensional temperature, with liquid cooling VC to form a luxury cooling system, help release the strong performance of PhEC9000.In xiaomi Lab tests, Redmi K50 Pro ran the high-load mobile game “Primordial God” for one hour, with a frame rate of 59FPS close to full frame, and the body temperature was only 46℃.Visible, this new machine can make the mobile game home experience has been greatly improved, long time to play mobile games not hot.Redmi K50 Pro comes with a 6.67-inch 2K Samsung flexible AMOLED straight screen and a PPI of 526.Supports 120Hz refresh rate and 16,000-level automatic brightness adjustment, ambient color temperature sensing, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.In terms of battery life, the Redmi K50 Pro uses a 5000mAh large battery and 120W immortal second charge, which can be fully charged in 19 minutes.Equipped with a 6.67-inch 2K Samsung flexible AMOLED straight screen and a fine 526 PPI display, the Redmi K50 Pro is also equipped with a 100 megapixel OIS optical camera,With the new generation HDR-ISP Imagiq 790 and the fifth generation AI processor APU590 of Breguet 9000, the image processing speed and AI computing power are greatly improved. The speed of 2X, 1X and 0.6x fast shooting is increased by 58%, 30% and 31% respectively, helping to increase the speed of 100 million pixels.Phecda 9000 equipped with Phecda 9000 Imagiq 790 + APU 590 image processing speed and AI computing power greatly improved Phecda 9000 with high energy efficiency, to help the performance of flagship mobile phone full at the same time, but also take into account AI, imaging, display and other aspects of all-round performance, completely solve the problem of mobile phone performance and power consumption in recent years.For this year’s flagship performance to provide greater play space.From the performance of Redmi K50 Pro and OPPO Find X5 Pro Breguet edition, this year’s flagship phone market is turning upside down because of Breguet 9000. Breguet 9000 brings better flagship performance and energy efficiency solutions to the market, and also addresses the pain points of users, bringing new flagship options to users.Another big V revealed that Vivo X80 new products will also carry Phet 9000, support game super sub technology, as Phet 9000 terminal gradually released, high energy efficiency will become another label of flagship mobile phones.