Germany agreed to Russia’s new settlement plan, open rouble accounts to buy gas, the outside world considered a win-win?

2022-06-24 0 By

The once-tumultuous European gas affair has finally come to an end.After the sudden change in Europe, The European Union, led by Germany, rejected Russia’s offer to buy gas in rubles.Many Germans once said, Even if they starve to death, they will not use Russian gas or eat Russian sausage.But eventually the Germans bowed to reality and, after negotiations, agreed to Russia’s request.Germany, which had previously refused to use the rouble, has issued a level 1 gas alert as temperatures plunge across Europe.So Germany was a little bit restless. Then it came out that after a phone call between the Leaders of Germany and Russia, Germany announced that it had agreed to Russia’s proposal to set up ruble accounts in Russia and then use euros to buy gas in rubles.For a while it was seen as a win-win, right?After all, Germany and Russia can still work together, which means that there are no surprises.So who won in the end?Germany is highly dependent on Russian gas, which it has used since Soviet times.Today, if Germany were to cut off Russia’s gas, then its people might literally die.Because Germany does not have a port for LNG ships to dock, even if it imports natural gas from the United States and Qatar, instead of LNG ships, it wants to send natural gas through natural gas pipelines, but as the old saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day”.Is it possible to build a gas pipeline from THE US and Qatar in half a month or months?Projects are typically built on an annual basis, and there is no guarantee of stoppages and other contingencies once they start.Even Qatar and the United States now insist they will not buy or sell gas at above-market prices, but the United States can only believe that sows can grow trees.Therefore, Germany can only choose to continue to use Russian natural gas under the situation of domestic troubles and foreign aggression, that is to say, it must agree to Russia’s request.Of course, Russia’s counterattack did not make much progress on the surface, but behind the scenes, It was Russia’s possession of natural gas that brought Germany and other European countries to their knees.So Russia was “a bit better” and Germany did not lose too badly, a win-win.Of course, through this brief “confrontation” also shows that Europe is highly dependent on Russian gas.In other words, Germany’s clamor for plans to wean itself off Russian energy is more like a joke, or an “angry remark”.To put it bluntly, Germans may be able to dispense with stout beer, but they cannot dispense with Russian gas, because they may indeed die.(By Hua Qiang)