“Hurry up and melt media” to welcome the Asian Games!Longwan sports and leisure activities on the line

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To promote the development of integration of longwan text brigade strengthen brigade body corporate blend each other, develop mining longwan tour market potential, recently, longwan wenzhou region of culture and tourism bureau of radio, film and television invited each big travel agencies and stakeholders brigade enterprise representatives, travel experience, such as more than 30 people, in 2022, sports leisure tourism lines on line activities.On line regiment has visited longwan Zhong Xiuyuan base on the body, dreamworks SKG motor sports center in wenzhou, wenzhou red Wolf shooting club, tori under ecological leisure farm, visit Kowloon bay “activation” results, thus experience longwan intangible cultural heritages, participate in motor racing, real gun shooting, watch the sky column under tori precipice, listen to “beauty organ” legend,And in yongqiang “shan He Hui” tasted the yongqiang “eight dishes eight” traditional banquet.On the afternoon of the same day, the guests who participated in the line treading activity, the main principals of the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports of Longwan District, the representatives of hotels and hotels in the area and the principals of relevant travel-related enterprises held the 2022 Line treading activity exchange symposium of longwan District sports leisure tourism routes in donglixia Ecological leisure farm.At the exchange meeting, the participants fully exchanged their impressions of the trip.We have said, the on line games project is refreshing, showing the longwan new and interesting, rich tourism resources background, experience, strong sense of uniqueness, suitable for different markets for developing tourism products, and how to develop longwan tourism, tourism products, strengthen the tourism industry longwan interconnectivity of BSFLP actively.This activity promoted the deep integration of Longwan culture and tourism, laid a good foundation for the promotion of longwan culture and tourism brand, the promotion of high-quality development of Longwan culture and tourism industry, and the construction of a new highland of cultural and tourism integration.Zhang Cheng, a member of the party group and deputy director of Longwan Cultural, tourism and Sports Bureau, said that he hoped to take this activity as an opportunity to promote the development of Longwan ground market, encourage the industry to share resources, stay together for warmth, achieve a win-win situation, and present a “different Longwan” for the majority of tourists.Review Editor: Wu Tongtong Chief Editor: Gu Zhangtong Review Officer: Yin Shuhong Chief Producer: Chen Taicang Executive Producer: Wu Xiao Chen Xiyu Chief Producer: Chen Zhenshi Recommended reading ↓↓↓