Instant detection and instant certification, efficient and convenient to facilitate the flow of goods, the first day of resumption of work in the highway port

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□ Our reporter and flag correspondent on March 24, just past 10 o ‘clock in the morning, located in zibo open zone Changguo Road east first zibo chuanhua highway port, big trucks have lined up a long queue, drivers in accordance with the provisions of the code, temperature measurement, the sequence of entry.Inside the highway port, a forklift truck runs in an orderly way between trucks and warehouses. With the roar of motors, masked workers are busy loading and unloading goods.As an important part of modern economy, logistics is the link between production and consumption and the artery of national economic development.Smooth flow of goods is the premise of normal production.Zibo transfar highway port formally reopened after approval, zibo by the open area is being water town to stay back service staff in the scene, the first time on March 23, transfar highway port staff ordered back, on site service for BBS epidemic prevention and control plan, around people, cars, location control and correct detailed measures, clear post operation conditions,Make every effort to ensure the smooth resumption of the chuanhua Highway Port.”At present, nucleic acid test reports and permits are two guarantees for truck drivers to travel. Through coordination and communication with the Municipal Logistics Office and other departments, we have set up nucleic acid testing centers and permit processing centers in the highway port. After arriving at the highway port, truck drivers can take nucleic acid tests and apply for permits on site without leaving the park.”Fengshui town party secretary Zhang Guangmin introduced.After the resumption of work and production, the volume of logistics increased dramatically. How to ensure the orderly passage of vehicles while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control?The station Service Team and chuanghua Road Port have long been planning.The night before the resumption of work, the resident service team and the staff of chuanhua Logistics Port installed the automatic health code verification system at the entrance overnight.”Temperature starting, temperature normal, green code, please enter…”At 10:15 on the 24th, Han Zhiyong, a truck driver from Weifang, loaded with 6 tons of household appliances, slowly entered the highway port. At the prompt of the staff at the entrance, Han Zhiyong pointed his health code at the automatic verification system, which quickly broadcast his body temperature, travel code and nucleic acid test results by voice.”The whole process took less than 10 seconds and I didn’t have to get out of my car. It was very convenient and safe.”Verification system input, greatly shorten the vehicle admission time.Under the full guarantee and coordination of Fengshui Town government, in zibo Industrial material transport transfer Station of 35,000 square meters, a wholesale of small household appliances destined for Hohhot is being unloaded, and basic chemical raw materials destined for Yangzhou have been stacked and waiting for loading…”Although it is the first day of work resumption, today’s cargo throughput has exceeded that before the epidemic!”Said Shi Guowei, general manager of Zibo Chuanhua Highway Port Logistics Co., LTD.Logistics industry press the restart key, rolling wheels, full speed ahead.What a busy scene on the first day of work!