Station wagon, Baojun Valli is the right choice

2022-06-24 0 By

Station wagon, treasure jun Valli just is right choice, because it understands you in domestic market, say station wagon, actually many consumers are very like.Although like, but buy, still need motivation.Because, station wagon to our intuitive feeling is very expensive, for ordinary consumers, really is a little want to say love you not easy.And since this year, treasure jun Valli after the launch, as one hundred thousand class only station wagon, but the circle of a lot of people’s station wagon dream appearance, do not need to this model too much redundant.Bao Jun Valli adopts no matter the design language of interstellar geometry, or the design of side recreational vehicles, all appear very fashionable and popular.Interior space, we know, whether it is home, or travel, are very important space, 4685mm car length and 2700mm wheelbase, Baojun Valli have created a good interior space.And baojun Valli space and double layer of Pacific Ocean, what is a double layer, Pacific Ocean is on the one hand, baojun Valli second row seat can fully draw, draw after will form a flat surface, the flat surface area reached 1620 l, in this case, both can be used as a double bed, still can put a big-ticket item.On the roof of the car, it can also be used. It is very practical to put a 500L suitcase to store more things or put bicycles and outdoor equipment on the roof of the car when traveling.Still have, the consumer is having very picky requirement to intelligent configuration now.In addition to the more cool card layout page, the Internet of Vehicles 2.0 on Baojun Valli is very easy to use, such as wakeup free voice, mobile APP screen casting and remote car control.Moreover, because it is a new Internet of vehicles 2.0 system, it has a new UI design, is more humanized, and can also enjoy the push of intelligent services, which is very beneficial.In terms of intelligent driver assistance, Valli also has adaptive cruise in 0-150km/h full speed range, 360-degree panoramic image, lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking.For example, full-speed domain adaptive cruise, when we drive a long distance, we only need to set the speed and follow the distance, so we don’t need to worry about the work under our feet, which is very convenient and easy.After the most, when we buy a car, we will certainly worry about the quality of this car, Baojun Valli let us from quality concerns, it adopts the global manufacturing system BIQ4 level of the highest standards for production and manufacturing.A total of 306 robots are used in the production line, with the automation rate exceeding 95%.The outer covering parts of the car body have reached 100% automatic production line.The car passed 499 quality tests before it came off the assembly line, so there is nothing to worry about.Summary: it can be seen that although Baojun Valli positioning is a station wagon, but it still take into account the home property, let us after buying it, really do home, travel two not by mistake.The event will run from March 28, 2022 to March 28, 2022