The epidemic merciless people love enterprises sympathy on duty traffic police

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On the afternoon of March 14, Chai Zhiming, head of Cangzhou Lisheng Food Co., LTD, and his three colleagues came to the traffic police detachment of cangzhou Public Security and donated 70 boxes of instant noodles, 495 pieces of milk and 50 boxes of bread with a total value of 30,000 yuan to the civil auxiliary police.With practical action dedication love for fighting in the front line of duty traffic police cheer, fight the epidemic.The epidemic merciless people love, the courage to bear the truth.Chai Zhiming, head of Cangzhou Lisheng Food Co., LTD., said that the outbreak in Cangzhou came suddenly. In this special period, the traffic police give up their small homes and stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control in order to protect people’s lives and health, which is very hard and very dangerous.Here, offer their own meager force, pay tribute to the front line traffic police, as an enterprise is willing to work together with the city’s traffic police, unite as one, a total of anti-epidemic!At the same time, it is hoped that the traffic police on duty will do a good job in safety protection measures.The city public security traffic police detachment of caring people sent to express heartfelt thanks for the condolence, which is not only love materials, but also care and encouragement, reflecting the police and the people of the same heart, together to fight the epidemic faith.In the epidemic prevention and control period, the public is the most solid backing against the epidemic, your support and understanding, is the greatest encouragement to the city’s traffic police.The municipal public security traffic police detachment of all civilian auxiliary police will certainly live up to the great trust, fulfill the mission, faithfully perform their duties, stick to their posts, with practical actions to implement the oath of “guarding a card to protect a city”, strictly check vehicles in and out, build a solid security line of epidemic prevention and control, resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control battle.