The ice dance drama “Stepping on the Ice to Pursue a Dream” has become one of the cultural heritage cases

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Beijing, Feb. 13 ( — The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games released a case report on the Legacy of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games on The morning of February 11.China’s first original ice dance drama “Stepping on ice to Pursue a Dream” has been listed as one of six cultural heritage cases in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games Heritage Case Report (2022).Stepping on Ice in Pursuit of dreams co-stars zhang Dan and Zhang Hao, world champion figure skaters.The profound plot interpretation, poetic body language, and the beauty of figure skating in the dance drama reflect the expectation and love of contemporary figure skating people, and also convey the inheritance spirit and civilized meaning of the Winter Olympic culture.The monotonous ice surface and the pure white wall of the ice rink are used as the background for artists to create, and the gorgeous colors and wonderful patterns are splashed in the whole space with the grand momentum of heaven and earth.The performance stage of the actors is no longer limited to the ice, silk hanging, aerial skills and other elements to create a three-dimensional visual space for the whole performance, so that figure skating this sport presents a richer artistic appearance.With the real story of world champion Zhang Dan as the material and the history of Chinese figure skating as the background, “Stepping on ice and Chasing Dreams” puts the image of new China’s ice and snow athletes passing on from generation to generation on the stage, bringing the audience into the ice world full of humanistic feelings and body tone spirit, and bringing the audience unprecedented artistic enjoyment.