There is 250 thousand yuan cash in hand, how to put annual interest ability over ten thousand yuan?Bank worker: Choose the right method

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Since ancient times, if you want to survive, you have to have money.With the development of economy, the income level of Chinese people has been improved.As a rule of thumb, when per capita income rises, so do savings.But the reality is that very few young people can actually save money, and it is almost always the elderly who do.There are two reasons why young people don’t like to save money in the bank.On the one hand, the money earned has not spent much, whether it is a house, a car, education and so on, everything needs a lot of money.On the other hand, the interest rate on bank deposits is falling, so it is better to invest money in other financial projects.In this regard, according to the bank staff leakage, the money deposited in the bank as long as the right method of deposit, the final interest income is not low.So the question comes, if you have 250,000 yuan in hand, is it possible that the annual interest income is more than 10,000 yuan?Keep reading!I. Deposit Interest Rate Depositors usually choose current deposits, time deposits and certificates of deposit when they make deposits in banks.In order to maximize the return, demand deposit is obviously not desirable, because among all deposit products, the interest rate of demand deposit is the lowest, that is to say, when you deposit money in a bank, you can get the least interest income eventually.According to the current demand deposit rate of 0.3%, the interest rate of 250,000 yuan for three years is less than 1,000 yuan.So most people prefer time deposits or certificates of deposit to current deposits.Currently, the highest three-year interest rate on a fixed deposit is 3.25 percent. If you deposit 250,000 won, you will earn 8,375 won in annual interest.It is still a long way from the interest income of 10,000 yuan.As we all know, CDS need more than 200,000 yuan to subscribe.However, 250,000 yuan meets the basic requirements. According to the current three-year 3.75% given by the bank certificate of deposit, the annual interest income will be 9,375 yuan if 250,000 yuan is deposited.Although it did not reach more than 10,000 yuan of interest income, but not much difference.1. Small and medium-sized banks No matter in the past or now, the deposit interest rate of China’s six state-owned banks has not been as high as that of small and medium-sized banks.Some people may think that the security of small and medium-sized banks is not high, but in fact, as long as the bank has deposit insurance, even if bankrupt, depositors can also get compensation.If you deposit 250,000 won in some small and medium-sized banks, whose annual interest rate is more than 4 percent, you can earn just 10,000 won.2. Structured deposit Although the structured deposit is not a fixed income deposit product, it has the feature of capital preservation and does not need to worry about losses in terms of funds.As for returns, structured deposits are obtained by banks by investing in derivatives. If the investment is successful, the returns will double.If the investment fails, interest income will be affected.However, so far, structured deposits have not lost money, and in many cases have been able to earn high returns, generally expected to return 5% to 6%.If 250,000 yuan is invested in structured deposit, the expected annual interest income is between 12,500 yuan and 15,000 yuan, far beyond the standard of 10,000 yuan interest income.Of course, in addition to the bank, now the foreign trade industry in the implementation of the country’s stable foreign trade policy, against the trend of growth has achieved a good result.Thus, the prospect of foreign trade industry is very broad.And investors can follow the direction of the national policy, through some zero risk stable value-added foreign trade economic platform sales commission, 30 days can obtain 1% interest rate.If 250,000 yuan is invested here, the annual profit and income will be 30,000 yuan, which is more than twice as much as that in the bank.In a word, at the moment of the epidemic, you may lose your job at any time. Therefore, when you have savings, you should put the safety of your money first before making financial investments.Putting money in the bank is one of the safest ways to manage financial matters. Although the interest rate is not high, annual interest income of tens of thousands of yuan can be realized as long as you choose the right method.