It is worth noting that these two henan young players have been selected to the National youth team

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Yesterday, the new U21 national team officially raised the flag, which henan’s two young players attracted attention.Why is that?ChengYaoDong candidate is based on, the team he is familiar with most of the players, he brought before, know well, didn’t have before, will choose the recent performance, Han Dong is his old subordinates, he is familiar with and sigh, no self-discipline, before the good prospect in the midnight and hosts nightclub, can grind punishment, giuseppe Han Dong darling to accept punishment.After that, Cheng opened the door for him.A lot of henan friends, may not know, Henan jianye player Song Hanchuan is Han Dong’s brother, with zheng Road primary school training out of the player, brother is now renting Inner Mongolia grass fly, support in b, training to go.The younger brother lived up to expectations and made it to the first team, making his mark in the Chinese Super League last year.Interestingly, Song has his mother’s surname embedded in his first name, while Han Takes his mother’s surname directly.If you don’t play football, you will be looked down upon by your peers at Zhengshang Road Primary School, which has produced famous football stars such as Gao Lin and Wang Shangyuan.There is a strong football atmosphere, in this way, led by the elder brother, the younger brother is not willing to lag behind.Tiger brothers, the elder brothers both played wonderful football, and into the henan jianye football club.Han Dong’s vision of passing the ball is very good, can cooperate with foreign aid together, also has a keen nose in front of the goal, in addition to the body is a little thin, the ball is very high, this is a lot of coaches appreciate his place.People who care about football know that the National Youth Team will be upgraded to the National Olympic team and the national team naturally.It is clearly a preparation for the next World Cup.But, as a result of the need of teams scores, caused most of the players didn’t really play the Chinese super league, in general, basic finalize the design the youth at the age of 15 or so, to practice more, and so it was with the increase of space is limited, this has shown the team framework has been laid at this time, and rare is, the member of the henan teenager has been played on the CSL,And many appearances.Han Dong plays forward and Wang Haoran plays back, which has formed the backbone of the team.When the Henan team, Wang Hao Ran was high expectations, especially in the ambiguous zhou Dingyang to stay at the moment, many times in the position of the waist has bright play.To speak of Adrian wong, it’s from football stronghold, luoyang, henan luoyang, the xiyuan road experiment elementary school, to dare to play on the pitch who dares famous, but also have been studying in Spain atletico Madrid for three years, by vaclav havel, Antonio reuse after returning home, became the following NiuZiYi ACTS as the object of cultivating.For many years, henan people drifting in the outside, always because of the origin of this meme, people laugh at, be discriminated against.Now it is different. Henan people can also tell others that we are not only in the Chinese women’s football team, but also in the National Youth team. They are all leading players.