Russian figure skating three women in different mood!Two people cry after the race, silver medal: only I have no gold medal

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The mood of the three Russian women’s figure skating events at the Beijing Winter Olympics was “different”. Kamila Valieva, 15, who was affected by the doping scandal, broke down in tears for four times.The gold and silver went to Russia, but Japan’s Hanakori Sakamoto took bronze, but Alexandra TRUSOVA, 17, who took silver, wailed, “I hate this sport.”Valieva, who was caught up in the doping scandal, broke down in the mood of the women’s individual long program on The 17th, only winning 141.93 points in the final. Although she ranked first in the short program, she only won the fourth place in the final score of 224.09 points, and was sure to miss the medal. Valieva was in tears after the race.Wali “during the Olympics, make a positive doping test samples two months ago, the doping, even will still be allowed to compete, but overall performance significantly affected, opening katee sackhoff jump number less than 4 week, 3 weeks half jump also appear error, then fell twice more this happening, the final technical points and 73.31 points, 70.62 content points, and fell down, and 2 points,The long program only got 141.93 points, and the final total score of 224.09 points only ranked the fourth place, and did not stand on the podium.The silver medallist, who finished with 251.73 points, lost to world champion Anna SHCHERBAKOVA’s 255.95, despite completing five difficult quadruplaxel jumps.Cry more be direct in holding areas, she spent eye makeup, don’t want to be awarded prizes once resist, just came to staff continue to comfort her, but after the interview, “I hate sports, hate too much, I hope that my life has never been skating inside, I don’t want a game again, everyone has a gold medal, only I didn’t.”Cher buck Eva said, “my mood also is very complicated, need to have a place to finish the game, I am very happy at the right time and place, I don’t know in China there are so many people like skating, feel very happy, Russia’s domestic skating competition is fierce, so I’m not sure that they are still not the next winter Olympics.”