The actress, who never takes kissing scenes, breaks the rule for uncle, but she is a little confused!

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Kissing play is a burst of love to thick, is a natural.If just for the sake of kissing scenes, it is very inappropriate to shoot kissing scenes.Someone said, “Middle-aged kiss scenes, bad shooting will be very greasy.”Therefore, many actresses in the entertainment circle do not shoot kissing scenes.For example, Liu Tao believes that if you get married, you can’t kiss in scenes.Li Xiaomeng thinks that the whole person is not good after the kiss.And today’s introduction of the actress never take kiss, but for the uncle broke the example, is a little confused expression!Happy cold knowledge warm tips wow: more closed eyes, more water, more rest, more exercise, more sweet smile, remember the winter “more blink and close eyes” ha!”This article is about 1034 words and takes about 93 seconds to read!”Figures are only estimates, 2 tone read the people fierce!The actress is the talented han Xue.Han Xue is not only beautiful, but also charming.Versatile, she is a rare talent in the entertainment circle.Especially her “thin gold body” calligraphy, watching her words, it seems that han Xue can also see the refined temperament.Write thin quite refreshing, like broken gold cut jade artistic charm, really pleasing to the eye.After han Xue made her debut, she said she never took kisses.After all, she was accomplished, so she didn’t plan to kiss her way out.However, there are still careful netizens found that “Troubled Times Beauty line” in this drama, Han Xue has a kiss.However, the kissing scenes in the film are filmed in a “misplaced” way, which is not a real kiss.Han Xue broke the rule and gave her first kiss on screen, but it was an uncle.Happy cold knowledge: never kiss the actress, but uncle broke the rule, is a little confused!”~~ this uncle, is quite “charming” Lin Yongjian.In the “female 礻 Shen go with me” in this film, as high rich handsome Song Yunhao, and as a warm male uncle Lin Yongjian, with their own way to fight for Han Xue.As a result, Han Xue “don’t want to cry in the BMW, would rather laugh on the bike”, fell in the hands of uncle Lin Yongjian.After the event, Lin yongjian said, from the beginning of the play, I knew there was a kiss.Is when taking a play, Han Xue’s expression has a bit confounded!Han also said the kiss was a bit awkward.The Han Xue that lets never take a play nevertheless, put down reserved with figure, gave his screen first kiss, visible uncle Lin Yongjian’s “glamour value” burst into the sky!The actress, who never takes kissing scenes, breaks the rule for uncle, but she is a little confused!~ Happy cold knowledge Han Xue debut 22 years, her lipstick is what taste, I believe to now, in the actor only Lin Yongjian know.Over the past years, she has always adhered to her three no’s rule: no kissing, no dating and no treating herself as an insider.At the same time, there is no entertainment circle top flow impetuous, this is to a star, it is commendable.Therefore, many netizens evaluate her as the cleanest female star in the entertainment industry….What do you think about that?Welcome the netizen to leave a message in the comment area, exchange, hot discussion, discussion.*6 more * Midnight inspiration, 12 to 46 hours to create oh, remember to like oh!It’s not easy to create!This essay by 2 love to make, 3 love to cry, 4 love to laugh, their love to play “music cold knowledge” original.Line 163 ^ small writer ^, hoping to get 3,736 likes.* Star * found 1 beauty, 2 knowledge, 3 love in daily life, experience, story and life.Part of the content only for the old fans appreciate, appreciate, praise, appreciation.If you can comment, favorites, retweet, “follow”, etc…The next episode could be even better. Cough!In short, blah blah blah, year after year!