Tongwei Public Security traffic police issued snow and ice severe weather warning information

2022-06-25 0 By

Weather forecast: 4 night to 5 day, overcast with light snow or sleet, some places have moderate snow.5 night to 6 day, cloudy with light to medium snow or sleet, snow in some places.Affected by the snow, the temperature continues to be low.Minimum temperature, -12 ~ -8℃;Maximum temperature, -6 ~ -1℃.Under the influence of continuous warm and wet air flow and cold air in the southwest, precipitation began to appear in our county on the night of The 4th.5 ~ 6 days, most parts of the county have small to medium snow or sleet, local snow.The maximum accumulative snowfall during the process can reach 8 ~ 12 mm, and the maximum depth of new snow in some places can reach 10 cm.Affected by the snow, the county temperature continues to be low.During the Spring Festival holiday, people travel frequently. The occurrence of the snow and freezing weather has brought serious impact on the road traffic in our county, and the road traffic safety risk also increases.Our driver friends in combination with the weather, please arrange travel, good low temperature rain and snow, try to avoid driving in the morning and the evening and night through the high altitude tuyere, such as Bridges, steep slope and shadow easy seeper frozen sections, travel, please pay attention to road conditions, take prevent slippery, warm items, strictly control the speed of the car, drive carefully, to ensure their own travel traffic safety and others.Tong Wei public security traffic police wish you a happy New Year, the year of the Tiger, safe travel!