Why did Emperor Taizong like Xu Hui and not Wu Zetian?

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Wu Zetian liked Emperor Taizong because she was ignorant and naive.Rather than like it, admire it!After she met Emperor Gaozong and became emperor, even admiration for Emperor Taizong ceased to exist!An excellent woman will never like an ordinary man. When she is excellent enough, the idols she used to like to worship are no longer in her heart.Of course, she still has people she admires, but they must be better than her!Why did Emperor Taizong like Xu Hui and not Wu Zetian?In fact, very simple, because Xu Hui since childhood to read his poems, understand him know him, and is a talented girl, write poems and fu, writing flowers, smart wisdom, wen Wan virtuous, they have a common topic, the same three views.Through the ages, men and women, can cherish each other, are another themselves!Any kind of relationship, all need to meet a match, will meet the right talent;To be in place for a long time, eternal.They supported each other, appreciated each other, understood each other, she flattered him everywhere, he cared about her feelings everywhere!He doted on her like a child, and she worshipped him like a hero!The most comfortable way to get along, that’s enough!02 Is not its body, do not know its taste have you found that no ability of men, always like to argue;No ability of the woman, always good at jealousy;The reason is nothing more than a little knowledge, a little knowledge, a giant salamander, a giant vessel, three views are not right, right and wrong.I do not know the Han, how to talk about wei jin.Men always feel that they are more difficult than women, in fact, women’s difficulties are not men can understand!Men can do whatever they want as long as they have the ability. Women, on the other hand, want to do something. They need to be proficient in all kinds of martial arts and be judged by others.Because of a woman in the gender column.No one will think about your abilities.Men are more difficult than women than men who have little eyes.The world is too narrow for women, women want to achieve a career, in all aspects to be several times better than men, will be believed, just because you are a woman.Some women despise themselves;Is sexism in the Gleason’s wall just men’s fault?Men always say that women are unreasonable, maybe there are unreasonable women, 95 percent of women, are very reasonable.In fact, it is not a woman is unreasonable, women are more reasonable than men, she just want to be hypocritical, the heart is clearly not like that, mouth must say so, but the man so letter.You have to tell the difference between her being a daughter’s flirt and being really angry.For the former, you just need to coax her.The latter, you must have crossed her line.Both men and women need understanding, recognition and, most importantly, respect.The man who says women are unreasonable must be an unreasonable person who doesn’t understand women at all.Deep understanding is the source of wisdom, both for people and things!Know yourself and know your enemy, and you can win a hundred battles.I am Cabu, with you!Author: Cabo, freelance writer, time critic, literary young woman, with real code word!Article source: wechat official number: Kabu KB reprinted with author and source indicated