Why did Wu Wanli live at the end of Watergate Bridge?Three details have foreshadowing, qianxi acting broken defense

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After watching “Changjin Lake” sequel “Watergate Bridge”, then brush “Kumgang Chuan”, suddenly found that two plays have the same wonderful, one is to guard the bridge repair, is about the soldiers brave and brave bridge repair tragic and not easy, one is to blow the bridge tragic and not easy.In these two plays, who is the main play under the background of the anti-American aid to Korea, I think both of them are equal in strength and intensity of battle, both films are very wonderful.The former mainly tells the story of our soldiers and the enemy air attack life-and-death contest, the latter is about the land attack between our army and the enemy.According to the current word of mouth and box office results, although “Chojin Lake Watergate Bridge” is not as good as “Kim Gang Cheon”, but they still topped the box office, is still far ahead.In watergate Bridge, there are many details and plots that make many viewers feel emotional and nervous.Therefore, I personally think watergate Bridge is better than Chojin Lake. After all, Watergate Bridge is the finale of the whole battle, and in history, Watergate Bridge battle also has a pivotal position and great influence.But there are also many audiences out of the cinema after watching the film, but also has been discussing the film, which is more discussion of the protagonist Wu Wanli.Wu Wanli did not play a leading role in the first film, Changjin Lake, because he was just exposed to the spirit of fighting and sacrifice in the first film. As the war accelerated, Wu Wanli gradually grew into a qualified soldier and the successor of the seventh company.In a sense, Wu Wanli’s growth is just the whole campaign of allusion.Wu Wanli in “Changjin Lake” and “Watergate Bridge” is a transitional important role, in the second part, he is the main play, especially the last sentence “seven companies, actually to 1 person” the real interpretation of 3 bomb Watergate bridge is not easy and tragic.Speaking of, yi Yangqianxi played well, although there are many viewers hazed, think Wu Wanli as a new recruit just enlisted in the army, nimble, agile is not a little too much.In fact, there are three things that can prove that Wu Wanli is a very good military man, and Yi yangqianxi also performs very well in the film.1, the living environment has produced WuWanLi he later unit’s performance in the first place, WuWanLi in mountains life time is definitely better than wu qian long, and perennial life of children in the mountains, in both manual and on the legs and feet are better than the average person, WuWanLi because perennial missing brother, often ran to the village for the family home,That’s why, when the Watergate Bridge was bombed, he was able to cross the mountains and play his flute.Yi Yangqianxi in the last time to blow the Watergate Bridge, responsible for blowing the whistle to affect the enemy’s judgment of the enemy’s situation, to know that it is very difficult to quickly avoid the enemy’s fire, must be agile and coherent, and Yi Yangqianxi’s performance is also very powerful.2, WuWanLi and wu li often compete grenadiers and make him in the film, wu li and whole company soldiers admire WuWanLi bombers that call a quasi, so wu li is going to play WuWanLi expertise, let the tripterygium wilfordii teaches his life-saving skill, let him know to protect themselves while give full play to the talents, when a good striker, a strike hit the enemy.In the end, Wu Wanli returned home, miss brother Wu Qianli, play a dozen water piao, can throw three, can imagine how much he missed Wu Qianli, is how many times to practice a dozen water piao.3, the actual combat created Wu Wanli Wu Wanli is a home role, every time do things are always affecting the audience’s heart, let the audience feel some heart, such as in the end, reluctantly a cry both shows the missing of his brother, but also shows the fortitude of a soldier.So far, Wu Wanli really grow into a man, but also understand wu Qianli and five hundred of their infinite love and expectations.Wu Wanli from the first battle to the last to participate in the whole process of 3 bombing watergate Bridge, witnessed the sacrifice, which makes him more clear that everything he does will affect his comrades and brothers, these, Yi Yangqianxi psychological portrayal is also very good.It can be said that Jackson Yi’s performance in watergate Bridge and Jangjin Lake has been greatly improved, especially the last scene reminds us of his anti-cancer boy in Send you a Little Red flower. In short, I am looking forward to his next wonderful film.