19.484 billion yuan investment!This year hefei traffic construction will do these things

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The construction of mingchao, Deshang, Wuyue, Hexaliye expansion and other high-speed projects, G329 Hexiang Road (mocheng to Dingyuan boundary), G329 Chaohu section and other five national and provincial trunk projects, 185 kilometers of new reconstruction of rural roads……Hefei plans to invest 19.484 billion yuan in transportation infrastructure construction this year to speed up the construction of a higher-quality comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network, according to the 2022 work plan released by the city’s transportation bureau.Promoting the construction of key projects highway transportation “speed-up” build nests, DE, yue Ming, of highway projects, such as six leaf expansion and speed up the construction of beiwai ring expressway, the construction of west outer ring, south outer ring, copper miner (chaohu segment) and Jin Zhai high-speed traffic road reconstruction project, advance the S11 nest huang high-speed, high-speed S30 copper miner 2 project prophase work.Xiage West Interchange Ramp of Ming Chao Expressway under construction (Photo source:G329 hexiang road (Mocheng to Dingyuan boundary), G329 Chaohu section, G206 Wushan to Chuhe river trunk canal section, S260 new Hemushan road, S366 and six south channel and other 5 projects strive to complete, zhaohe four Bridges, S351 Sheng with section to speed up the construction,G206 Chuhe Trunk Canal to Nangang section, G329 Xiage-Hanshan section, G312 Zhegao to Chuzhou section, G329 West Big section will be under construction.S105 Chaohu section of rapid, S102 he waterway (Beicheng to Xiatang section) rapid, G330 Hangbu River – Stone water destruction section, S103 Huangpi Lake Road, G312 he six road feixi section of rapid and other 5 projects will coordinate the advance of the work.Rural highway construction to improve the quality of 185 kilometers of newly rebuilt rural roads (all included in the livelihood project), the implementation of chaohu lake rural road linking project.A total of 917 kilometers of rural road maintenance projects were completed, including 885 kilometers of projects to improve people’s livelihood.In terms of water transport, we will speed up the improvement of the main channel of the “one network, four lines” waterway, continue to promote the shipping project of bringing Yangtze river and Huaihe River to Jinan and the capacity expansion and renovation project of heyu Line, start construction of Hefei Eastern Airlines Terminal, speed up the Project of Fenghuang Lock, and build a combined transport center between Yangtze and Huaihe River.The plan of continuous optimization of comprehensive transportation structure is clear. The main development goals of the city’s transportation work this year are: ▶ The industry-wide transportation infrastructure construction plan to invest 19.484 billion yuan.▶ Strive to rebuild 1,424.66 kilometers of highway.Among them, expressways 730.596 kilometers, national and provincial trunk roads 508.23 kilometers, rural roads 185.83 kilometers.The city will continue to optimize its comprehensive transportation structure while continuing to push forward key transportation projects.We will vigorously develop multimodal transport, establish standard multimodal transport of bulk goods, build railway-rail and water-iron transport channels, promote the coordinated and integrated development of logistics and manufacturing, and support Hefei International Inland Port Corporation in striving to establish a national multimodal transport demonstration project.We will establish 300 standardized stations for comprehensive delivery and logistics services at the village level, and improve the node system of the rural logistics network.Renderings of Hefei International Land Port Project.In addition, the city plans to continuously build a high-quality transportation system, consolidate and deepen the achievements of the national public transportation city construction, continuously optimize the bus network, and promote the effective connection of various transportation modes.At the same time, the promotion and application of green transportation technologies, products and equipment will be intensified, and all buses and cruise taxis will be updated with new energy vehicles.”Zhuhai will establish traffic power system of joint conference for the pilot work, around the hub level, intelligence services, integration, system reform, hub station city economy five aspects, such as speed up pilot project, to speed up the transportation power to carry out the pilot tasks, trying to form a group of advanced experience and typical results, ‘template’ for traffic construction of power.”Hefei City transportation bureau said.According to Hefei Daily