2022 Upgrade-Management Exam

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The utilization of information the utilization of information refers to the process of consciously using stored information to solve specific problems in management.It is the ultimate goal of information collection, addition, storage and dissemination.(1) Steps of information Utilization The process of information utilization usually includes three steps: The first step, on the premise of recognizing the nature of the problem, the manager determines what kind of information is helpful to solve the problem.The second step is to sort out the information resources currently owned by the organization, and on this basis, judge whether the required information exists.Third, if the required information exists in the organization, it can be used directly.If not, it is necessary to consider whether the existing information can be developed and integrated to meet the information needs of managers.If not, it is necessary to consider collecting information again and returning to the source of information management.In order to make better use of information, managers should strive to do the following.First, be good at developing information.Information development includes denotation development and connotative development.Epitaxial development refers to the development and exploration of information sources and information channels in order to obtain more information.Second, provide organizational guarantee for the full play of information value.Third, look at the value of information from the perspective of development.Management scholars should learn to view the value of information from the perspective of development, and realize that some information may become less useful with the passing of time and the change of things themselves, while other information may become more valuable with the development of objective situations.In order to make better use of information, managers should try to avoid the occurrence of the following phenomena: 1.Information islands Due to the existence of departmental interests or technical reasons, information islands in an organization sometimes cannot be shared, resulting in a waste of enterprise resources.2. Information Overload In the age of information explosion, some managers may be troubled by a large amount of information in their daily work, and feel at a loss what to do.To avoid this, managers should encourage subordinates to provide refined information, while appropriately decentralizing and delegating power in organizational design.Feedback of information Feedback of information refers to the process of comparing the actual effect of information utilization with the expected effect, finding out the cause of the deviation, and taking corresponding control measures to ensure that the utilization of information meets the expectation.It is an important link of information management, the purpose is to improve the utilization effect of information, so that information is used according to the will of managers.As a process, information feedback includes the acquisition and transmission of feedback information and the formulation and implementation of control measures.From these three links, information feedback needs to meet the following requirements :(1) the feedback information is true and accurate. Good feedback not only requires the information to be true, but also requires the manager to correctly understand the feedback information.The controlled information of other systems cannot be regarded as feedback information of the control loop, distortion information cannot be regarded as feedback information, and all information generated in the feedback channel cannot be regarded as feedback information.(2) Rapid information transmission and timely feedback Slow information transmission will affect the timely implementation of control measures, so that the problems in the management work can not be solved in time.In order to avoid this phenomenon, managers should try to shorten the transmission channel of feedback information, accurately grasp the information feedback way in the control loop, and clarify the source of feedback information.(3) Appropriate and effective control measures On the premise of getting high quality feedback information quickly, managers are likely to take effective control measures to ensure effective information management.However, good feedback is not equal to good control. From good feedback to good control, managers also need to exert their own and other people’s intelligence.Finally, the small game also prepared benefits for everyone, private letter small game can get the complete version of “upgrade to the current management gold notes + special training”!