Beauty process: squatting for 3 months, cut into 1 minute

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CAI Jia Jialing River Bridge in the morning “such a beautiful scene will shield ordinary people!””In the rain, in the cloud, in the fog, this scene should only be in the sky!”Yesterday morning, a video of a railway train passing through the sea of clouds went viral on wechat and was forwarded more than 100,000 times, making people shocked by the beauty of Chongqing once again.This one-minute short video comes from Zhou Neng, photographer of Chongqing Culture and Tourism Commission.He thought the video would go viral when he captured the fantasy-like images, but didn’t expect it to go this far.”Teacher Zhou, this video is so good that it has the potential of popular style.”On the morning of 25th, Zhu Dan, the photographer in charge of the information center of the Municipal Culture and Tourism Commission, received Zhou Neng’s works.In the video, the train rides over the bridge as the sun rises and clouds swell beneath it.Following the shot, you can also see rolling mountains and clouds, as well as Bridges of different heights, forming a three-dimensional picture.As soon as the video was released, it went viral among chongqing citizens’ circle of friends.Zhou was both happy and excited to see everyone forwarding them.As an amateur photographer, he has been shooting videos with drones in various places since 2017, and has produced many works of which he is proud.He told reporters that in order to take a picture of the train crossing the sea of clouds, he went to the vicinity of the Bridge in Caijia Jialing River from January to March for several stakeouts before finally taking the ideal picture.’It was a beautiful day and I was surprised to see what came out. It was beautiful!’Zhou neng said that he edited the film that day, and the film condensed the essence of this period of time, although it was only one minute.In the eyes of many, the chongqing in the video is almost too beautiful to be true.But for Zhou neng, what makes the video so good is chongqing’s unique three-dimensional landscape.”A lot of people commented on it, saying it was so ethereal and looked like it had been special effects.In fact, the images in the video are all real, without any special effects.”He says he is not a professional photographer and has not studied post-production specifically.’I’m very pleased and proud to see how much people like the video.In the future, I will continue to shoot Chongqing, so that more people can see chongqing and feel its beauty through videos.”Zhou said.How did this beauty come about?”It is a cable-stayed bridge, consisting of the north-south approach bridge and the main bridge, of which the main bridge is 640 meters long, the main span is 250 meters, and the main bridge surface is 100 meters away from the riverbed.”According to Qi Yong, designer of the Caijia Track-dedicated Bridge and track bridge manager from THE TYLin International (China) Bridge Division, they considered functionality, landscaping and implementability in their design.As for the “track through the clouds” landscape, Qi Yong said that the two railway stations connected by the Special bridge are Jinshansi station and Caojiawan Station, both of which are underground.That is to say, there is a U-shaped river valley below the Caigai track bridge, and the river bank is lush with vegetation.The bridge is located in the valley area, coupled with the climate of Chongqing with a lot of water vapor, so advection fog is easy to form, giving people a vision of smoky, bridge and vehicles like a fairyland scene, this beauty is the characteristics of Chongqing Bridge city.These two days of caigai track dedicated bridge out of the circle, Qi Yong accident and surprise.”The drone shows the beauty of the bridge more intuitively from another vision, which makes it more classic. As the design leader of the bridge, I feel a sense of accomplishment when my work is recognized.”Chongqing Morning Post · Upstream news reporter Tang Xiaozhan Chen Zhu