Bing Dwen dwen and Sun Wukong in the same frame!Don’t miss these ice sports movies, either

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Hua sound online On February 10 – (reporter Kang Meng) Beijing Winter Olympic Games in full swing, the mascot ice dun dun is a “top flow”, people a “dun” hard to find.On Feb 19, the movie “Our Winter Olympics” will be released, starring Tiantuan, not only Sun Wukong, Hu Ruwa and Ne Zha, but also the new “idols” Bing Dandan dwen and Xue Rongrong.In fact, on the big screen, in addition to the movie “Our Winter Olympics”, there are many domestic and foreign classic movies showing ice sports.Film: Our Winter Olympics (not released) Introduction: The film is composed of four short animated films, the Winter Olympics is the inner thread of the four short films.The film, which tells a multi-chapter story of unity, dream, courage and hard work centered around the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic village between various Chinese animated characters and winter Olympic mascots Bing Dwen Dwen and Winter Paralympic mascots Xue Rongrong, will be officially released on Feb 19.Introduction: Directed by Weimin Yip and starring Han Geng, Yin Fang and Lang Yuting, the film tells the story of a famous skier Ling Feng, whose career has fallen to the bottom due to an accident. With the help of a group of young people, ling Feng finds his original heart and courage, and finally breaks through the limit and changes.Originally scheduled to be released on January 14, it was announced to be withdrawn on January 12, and the release date is still undetermined.Movie: Breaking the IceReleased in 2008, “Breaking the Ice” is a film based on the real events of grassroots sports coaches. The film is created according to the exemplary deeds of Meng Qingyu, a famous short track speed skating coach in Heilongjiang province, who cultivated China’s famous short track speed skaters Yang Yang, Wang Meng and other world champions.It describes how the grass-root sports coach Zhao Hongqi gathered together a group of poor children called “little coal balls” and eventually formed a nationally famous new speed skating team through hard and even cruel training.What it’s about: The film details Michael “Eddie the Eagle”, the most famous British ski jumper of all time.Edwards’ inspiring true story.Eddie was originally an alpine skier, but because of the competition, he switched to ski jumping and represented Great Britain at the world Championships in 1987, qualifying for the 1988 Winter Olympics.This highly myopic British skier, although there is no proud record and never medal, but is still an inimable in the history of the Winter Olympic Games, loved by everyone, get the “flying eagle” nickname, the international Olympic Code “flying eagle rules” also because of him.Film: National Representative Introduction: In 1996, in order to host the Winter Olympic Games, South Korea’s North Jeolla Province is busy preparing.However, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) informed fuzhou that if a team did not participate in the ski jumping event, it would be disqualified.The organizing committee was in disarray and decided to form a national ski jumping team immediately.Flurried, they temporarily called five boys, five to ski nothing of the young, took up the preparation for the Olympic Games.Film: “on ice light gallop” introduction: this film is based on real people and things adapted, about the History of the Olympic Games a legendary story.In 1988, four Jamaican athletes, who failed to make the track and field trials for the Summer Olympics, made it to the Winter Olympics with astonishing determination, enduring ridicule from a domestic and international audience and winning the support and encouragement of athletes from all over the world.Movie: “I, Queen” Introduction: Tonya was sent to the figure skating team at the age of 3 by his icy, domineering mother.Tonya spent most of her childhood on ice, until one day she met Jeff, a man at the rink, and the two quickly fell in love.Jeff changed Tonya’s life, but also became her disaster, tonya has to face from now on, in addition to increasingly difficult training, but also from Jeff’s fist.Tonia gained fame when she became the first American to perform a jump on ice three and a half times during a competition.