Panlong City Site Museum has a mother and son narrator, the son is his mother “elder brother”

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Yoon Cheon-il (second from left), the son’s narrator, explains to tourists.”The son volunteered to explain for an hour, and the mother ‘took over the baton’. The vivid explanation of the mother and son volunteers made the cultural relics in the museum ‘live’.”Wu, who lives in Dongxihu District, was impressed by a primary school student’s explanation when she visited the Panlong City Ruins Museum on Feb 6. Later, she found that the pupil’s mother was also a volunteer at the museum.Ms. Wu praised the mother and son for their behavior, while reporting to reporters: I do not know what kind of story the mother and son narrator?”This narrator children also know interesting interaction, really good!”In the morning of February 9, reporters came to panlong City Site Museum, saw the mother and son volunteers.The child’s name is Yin Tianyi, a student from Class 6 (2) of East Lake International Campus of Wuchang Experimental Primary School. His mother, Hu Jing, is a lawyer of a law firm in Wuhan.Both mother and son are currently volunteer interpreters at the Panlong City Site Museum.Wearing a red vest and headset, Yoon introduced the bronze mask in fluent Mandarin to visitors at exhibition Hall no. 2 of the Banyongseong Heritage Museum at 10:00 a.m. on October 9.”What do you associate with this mask?” he asked.Mr. Yin, a tourist, blurted out: “Sanxingdui!”Other tourists nodded.”Yes, in terms of artistic features, this bronze mask has something in common with sanxingdui’s bronze mask.””What does this phenomenon mean?” asked the tourists.Pointing to the cultural relics in the museum, Yin tianyi said, “In addition to the bronze mask, the bronze figures unearthed in Panlong City, copper leijie and jade cong all have relatives of Sanxingdui, which shows that the ancient Shu civilization is closely related to the Central Plains dynasty.”Ms. Wu, a tourist, told the reporter that she had been to many museums and most of them were explained by adults, not by children.”This narrator children also know interesting interaction, really good!”Mother Hu Jing explains the cultural relics in the museum to visitors.According to Bai Xue, the head of the volunteer team of panlongcheng Ruins Museum, Yin Tianyi and his mother, Hu Jing, set off from their home in Wuchang every morning from the first to the sixth day of the first lunar month, drove 40 minutes to arrive there, started work at 9:30 and left work at 5 p.m.Each of the two lectured twice a day, always with the son speaking for an hour first and the mother taking over.”Most parents bring their children to visit during the Spring Festival. We receive at least four groups of visitors a day,” hu Jing, the mother, told reporters.Yin Tianyi was a volunteer commentator two years earlier than his mother. His son, Yin Tianyi, was fond of history and humanities knowledge since childhood. As early as the second grade in primary school, he signed up to participate in the “Little commentator” activity of Hubei Provincial Museum.In 2019, the Panlong City Site Museum sought volunteers from the public, and Hu Jing signed up for her son immediately.During the interview, Yin Tianyi was caught in the eye of the interviewer and successfully entered the assessment stage.Yin Tianyi told reporters that the assessment involved two explanatory words add up to more than 10,000 words, the amount of information is huge, need to recite skillfully.”When I encounter difficult knowledge, the museum teachers will help me out.For example, for the technical terms and historical background involved in the explanation, Song Ruohong spent two weeks to arrange the notes and illustrations in the document and sent it to me.The content of the third exhibition hall covers many aspects of cultural and political life, which is not easy to explain clearly. Teacher Xu Yi sorted out the internal logic for me and demonstrated it for me personally.”Bai Xue, head of the museum’s volunteer team, said that due to the heavy task of explaining the three exhibition halls and one site area, the museum initially considered “reducing pressure” on Yin Tianyi, asking him to explain the four museum treasures clearly.”I didn’t expect Yoon to insist on explaining as much as the adults did, and he was very serious in extending the original speech.”In 2019 and 2021, Yin Tianyi passed the assessment of explaining in the Museum site area and basic exhibition area respectively. After taking up his post, Yin tianyi volunteered to explain in the museum during winter and summer vacations and legal holidays.Seeing her son working so hard, Hu Also wanted to be a narrator.In 2021, she signed up for the second group of volunteers recruited by the Museum and passed the examination.”My son was one of the first volunteer guides and has now become my elder brother.I will digest some of his pertinent advice.”During the Spring Festival, the mother and son supervise each other at home and ask each other questions.The family specially ate the Reunion dinner in advance to pay New Year’s greetings to their elders.(Collection and writing: Yang Feng, Ai Chenguang, Correspondent li Jixiang, Hongping, Changjiang Daily)