Sleepy O ‘Sullivan win out, Ding Junhui lost into the last four: A Chinese elder brother attack champion

2022-06-26 0 By

Snooker Champions League group 7 round robin although not completely finished, but the final four has been announced, but the specific rankings may change.Just finished a game of, his and ding junhui, there is no doubt that is Chinese fans watches, although appears to be in the champions league so small events, and 3 out of 5 sets of short board is made, but obviously, duel of the Olympic Games, has never been short of the story, this time, fallen or ding junhui, and some feeling letting a person.The pair reached the deciding set, where Ding, 66 points in hand, was beaten 94-66 by O ‘Sullivan.Ding junhui was penalized many times in this set, which made people not understand, and O ‘Sullivan probably laughed at himself.And there is a scene, O ‘Sullivan is only dozing in the side, even though o ‘Sullivan is half asleep, he can still make a big comeback and kill Ding Junhui, really sigh.Frankly speaking, ding junhui’s performance in the decider is really a long story to tell, and according to statistics, including this game, ding junhui’s record against the TOP16, has exceeded 14 months, 12 consecutive losses.But the good news is that the group of 4 strong official: Karen – Wilson, Carter, Higgins, Ding Junhui.Although his win, they still out, there is no chance to compete for the qualification of the winner group, although ding junhui lose, still scored the top 4 (the group with two games remaining, Mr King VS gould, his VS carter, gould five 1-4 bottom out, ding junhui 3-3 4 fourth, gold, 4-1,Gould and Higgins won’t affect the qualifying places;In addition, even if O ‘Sullivan won carter 3-0 in the final match, he could not catch ding Junhui in the set points.) “China’s no. 1” Ding Junhui will also be aiming for the title, hoping for good news.