“Snowflake” main torch platform, luminous stage…Read the black technology of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics

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On the evening of Feb. 4, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Beijing was bound to be spectacular.The world’s largest 8K ultra hd ground display system, the giant “snowflake” shaped main torch platform surrounded by olive branches, artificial intelligence capture…In the new visual feast of the Winter Olympic Games, which integrates digital technology and aesthetic innovation and is full of technological, three-dimensional, dynamic, aesthetic and experiential sense, science and technology elements are amazing.What are the secrets behind these technological elements?Let’s find out.”Snowflake” main torch platform opening ceremony, the most eye-catching, is undoubtedly the giant “snowflake” shape of the main torch platform.When the glittering and translucent light slowly lifted off, with the torch lit, the atmosphere of the whole opening ceremony to the climax.The 21st Century Business Herald has learned that boe has independently developed and designed the snowflake torch platform.According to reports, the main torch platform diameter of 14.89 meters, by 96 small snowflake form and 6 pieces of olive branch form of LED double-sided screen creative composition, using double-sided hollow design, embedded with more than 550,000 LED lamp beads, each lamp beads are driven by a single channel independent control chip.Source: Beijing daily client, photography: li yan for directors cauldron like the creative concept of “diamond shining bright”, the core of the Oriental r&d team by more than 500 design drawings and nearly 10 rounds of sample preparation, to develop the industry of the narrowest controlled single pixel abnormity shows the shiny surface products, fully present the snow line feeling and exquisite picture display effect.Lit the torch at that moment, a giant snowflakes screen around from the center to radiate, progressive transformation of bright light shines with waves, rapid transformation, behind perfect synchronous display, USES a AIoT boe technology system and the independent research and development of asynchronous compatible with/E-mail system, asynchronous set can control in a very short period of time will be large-scale video content quickly,Synchronous centralized control ensures millisecond response of 102 double-sided screens.In addition, the “main road + loop” backup high redundancy control system ensures the high reliability of the torch station broadcast control system.At the same time, LoRa (long distance radio) low delay control system with synchronous playback time correction technology, to further ensure that the command delivery is foolproof, to achieve perfect coordination of video images.In the opening ceremony of the luminous stage, the stage and the performance of the performers were also the focus of attention.It is understood that the opening ceremony of the stage ground is currently the world’s largest 8K ultra high definition ground display system, the overall area of 10,393 square meters, using a number of 8K+ resolution screen fusion technology, super-large optical correction algorithm can carry out pixel level optical correction for each display screen,It can achieve 100000:1 ultra high contrast, 3840Hz ultra high refresh rate, and 29900×15096 ultra high resolution ultra high definition gorgeous picture.Equipped with boe’s independently developed super-large display module control and synchronization system, it can also capture the actors’ moving track in real time to achieve seamless interaction between the screen and the actors.It should be noted that the ground display system can still achieve stable operation in the 5 months of high intensity rehearsal and the extreme low temperature rain and snow weather of minus 30 degrees Celsius in winter, which shows its stability and reliability.”We have spent three years, with ‘digital technology’ as the carrier and ‘combination of tradition and innovation’ as the intention, to create a bright dream of ice and snow artistic conception around the main torch platform, and tell the world the story of Chinese culture in the new era with visual art,”Wang Zhiou, director of visual effects for the opening ceremony and director of visual effects production team Blackbow, said that the presentation of these visual content requires a high degree of coordination and perfect cooperation with hardware technology.The world’s leading display technology and wisdom system, so that the opening ceremony of the creative content to achieve the best presentation effect.During the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the show “Snowflake” was impressive.The snowstorm dissipates under the skaters’ feet, and more than 600 children laugh and play on stage like glittering snowflakes.These impressive figure: xinhua new media, is the national stadium of Intel’s camera, then video signals to the edge of computing system for three dimensional reconstruction and rendering, then the generated artistic image rendering on the LED screen, and with a strong work force to ensure that the actors interact with domestic artistic image in real-time and fluency.This is the first time in the world that more than 600 people can interact with each other in real time in such a large venue.The same technology was used in “Salute to the People.”Through the real-time interaction between the actors and the large screen laid on the scene, the smooth effect that could not be achieved only by rehearsal was achieved, and the aesthetic art and Olympic spirit were transmitted to the world.The reason to achieve such a cool program effect, is based on its Xeon scalable processor 3DAT technology, joint third-party professional team customized development of the “performance real-time special effects system based on artificial intelligence technology”.According to introducing, on coverage, Intel relies on advanced AI algorithms specifically designed and developed the model of multiple human body detection AI hundreds of actors can consistently accurate identification field, real-time output using camera calibration results more their true location information, only in the 4 cameras cover full and complete the information collection is done.In real time, the data signals collected by the camera are transmitted to the edge computing system equipped with the third-generation Intel Xeon scalable processor in the National Stadium through optical fiber. Its powerful computing power can meet the real-time, massive and high-precision graphics, image processing, 3D modeling and data analysis requirements.In terms of transmission efficiency, “Real-time special effects system for performance based on artificial intelligence technology” was developed by Intel OpenVINO visual tool suite and enabled by Intel DL Boost technology to achieve accurate, smooth and real-time video data reading and processing, from image acquisition, recognition to detection and processing.It takes less than a few tens of milliseconds.”I don’t want to define technology as an adjunct to art, but more and more it’s an important part of art.”Beijing Olympics and the winter paralympic games opening and closing ceremonies zhang yimou from the Angle of artistic creation, affirmation of the role of innovative technology, “like the winter Olympics opening ceremony of the people and” lake “, “snow” interaction, the effectiveness of the fluid is not rehearsed alone would achieve, help us to realize the creative and innovative technology, it makes art play a greater charm.”The opening ceremony is undoubtedly a wonderful and unsurpassed audio-visual feast.The global audience can enjoy such a great event of the Winter Olympics, also cannot do without powerful, highly reliable communication network services.According to China Unicom (600050), the communication guarantee task of the opening ceremony involves eight special tasks, including fixed communication, mobile communication, fireworks, emergency communication, public intercom, security inspection greenhouse, video retransmission (OBS), 5G innovation, as well as daily office communication service guarantee of the headquarters.In this regard, China Unicom ensures that all nodes are connected with optical cables using double routing and double uplink, and guarantees 471 special lines of various types, 115 fixed phones and wireless fixed lines, 241 POC terminals, 495 WiFi points, 85 base stations, 895 room points, 1692 OTN network points and 301 OIN network points.Comprehensive wiring 3032.At the same time, China Unicom has opened two emergency communication vehicles, laid more than 45 kilometers of temporary optical cables of various types and more than 1,800 pieces of horse roads, and provided key support for pipeline equipment such as long-distance backbone network optical cables, CCTV image and video transmission optical cables, and optical cables carrying the major customer business of the Winter Olympics reprotection. A total of 900 optical cables have been inspected, totaling more than 6,000 kilometers.It is understood that China Unicom sent a total of 31,200 personnel and 8,883 vehicles to ensure smooth communication during the event.The Bird’s Nest, which will host the opening ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, attracted the world’s attention on The night of Feb 4.Such an important venue has been carefully deployed to achieve full 5G coverage.At the opening ceremony, China Unicom’s 5G network met the needs of the audience and cast and crew of nearly 40,000 people to send and receive short videos, make video calls and live broadcast online, as well as the audience’s immersive live experience.In addition, after 6 months of preparation and hundreds of hours of testing, the Fireworks support team of China Unicom spent a total of 64 hours on duty in the low-temperature environment during 4 total element drills and the official support of the opening ceremony.The team innovatively adopted eight “black technologies” such as “distributed large-scale antenna technology”, “air frequency multi-dimensional 5G capability fusion”, “carrier convergence”, “comprehensive SA network” and “5G slice” to create an advanced 5G network with comprehensive coverage of the ultimate capacity for the Bird’s Nest, increasing its 5G capacity by more than 20 times compared with 4G.It can fully meet the 5G network experience of field core athletes and the network use requirements of tens of thousands of spectators.It is worth noting that in addition to the full scene of mobile video live broadcast of the Winter Olympic Games, many media can access communication signals anytime and anywhere by using China Unicom’S 5G network slices to realize the real-time transmission of photos and videos of the opening ceremony, making the Bird’s Nest a real 5G gigabit stadium.Source: 21st Century Business Herald