Spring Festival does not “close”, thriving dry!The overall progress of the zhoushan sea passage project has exceeded 70 percent

2022-06-26 0 By

Xincheng Bay, chashan Island south bank, a water “dragon” gradually revealed a beautiful arc.On the sixth day of the first lunar month, the last day of the Lunar New Year holiday, construction of the Xiaogan-Changzhi Passage, also known as the “Chashan Bridge”, was under way yesterday.”We don’t close the shop for the Spring Festival. We have more than 60 workers who started work on the third day of the Spring Festival.”The person in charge of the site from the first navigation bureau of China Communications said that in addition to getting together to have dinner, watch the Spring Festival Gala and watch the Winter Olympics, the workers also set out from the construction site to hike to Gaodao Mountain. “The New Year’s climbing not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery of mountains and seas, but also indicated that the New Year is getting higher and higher.”He said.It is understood that the xiaogan-Changzhi Road project, with a total length of 1456 meters, starts from Xiaogan Island in the east, intersects the ground wiring of Hong Kong Island Bridge, and is laid west along the south Road around the island, passing through the sea on the east side of Chashan Island, and ends at Changzhi Island in the west.The whole line is designed according to the urban main road, with six lanes in both directions. The design speed is 60 km/h, and the overall progress has exceeded 70% at present.Yesterday, reporters came to the construction site 27# ~ 26# pier, four orange-red behemoth came into sight, workers are transporting materials, binding steel bar, the scene is in full swing, and orderly.”The big orange-red thing is a moving formwork, which is more flexible to use than other bridge construction techniques.”The person in charge of the introduction, the mobile mold to support the cap, with the help of its own template to achieve shift operation, in the completion of steel binding, pouring concrete, tension and other processes, the bridge can fall mold, after moving to the next hole bridge.In addition to quickly “copying” a bridge in a straight line, the moving moulds can also be moved in precise sections to create the curve of the bridge.”The flat curve radius of xiaogan-Changzhi channel project is 610 meters, the maximum longitudinal slope of the bridge is 3.0 percent, the minimum longitudinal slope of 0.3 percent, so the construction is difficult.”The person in charge said that the project technical team in addition to the use of model software design optimization, but also through a number of process improvements to ensure the smooth construction of the project.Want to home?In response to questions from reporters, construction workers at the site said, Work is important, and my family understands that.”When the bridge is finished, I want to take my family to Zhoushan, first to Putuo Mountain, and then to see the bridge.”…Reporter: Zhou Hang Qiwen/photo