Vietnamese media: The national football team obviously backward, Li Xiaopeng is not as good as Li Tie, two soft ribs exposed, see the hope of winning

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For Li Xiaopeng, the away match against Vietnam is a must win game.The Vietnamese media analyzed in detail the tactics li xiaopeng used against Japan under the title “Is The Chinese team weaker after Li Xiaopeng’s coaching?” The following is the full translation.Despite being a legendary national player, Li xiaopeng’s coaching didn’t really bring more excitement to the Chinese team.Most importantly, li Tie, his predecessor, actually did a good job in tactics and kicking.A bold statement, however, put Li Tie under enormous pressure and had to resign.In this regard, Li xiaopeng will no longer bear the pressure of winning the World Cup ticket, which is almost impossible at present.He is expected to bring a fresher, more energetic image to the Chinese team.Unfortunately, from the first game, Li Xiaopeng left a negative first impression.Losing control of the ball Under Li Tie, his tactics were praised.During his time in charge, The Chinese team had a winning record of 50 percent, and the Chinese media did not play down his performance.His tactics are an organised, proactive approach, a modern way of playing football.The best thing Li Has done during his time coaching the Chinese team is reasonable formation, well-organized tactics and passing.However, in li Xiaopeng’s first game, all these disappeared.Of course, Japan is a formidable opponent, both in terms of team and players with excellent skills.However, Li Tie’s men at least maintained a good structure in the first leg.Li Tie often used a 4-3-3 or 343 formation, while Li Xiaopeng changed his formation to 4-231.However, the formation was only one thing, and in terms of the positioning of the players, especially the distance between the players when setting up the attack, China’s performance was far inferior to that of the first leg.In addition to the distance between each other, Chinese players do not support teammates with the ball enough and lose flexibility.When every player is fixed in his position, it is easy for the Japanese to double him.This is why Chinese players often end up with long passes when there are no other options.Zhang Yuning, who started, worked hard but struggled to get long passes from his team-mates when the Japanese defenders caught up with him, and Alan, who came on as a second-half substitute, was in a similar situation.Jun ITO was also voted best player, partly because China’s left wing defense was so weak that veteran Zheng Zheng was to blame.In the sixth minute of the game, The Japanese team threw a throw-in and China’s defense showed a hole.When Dayu Yong also dropped back to receive, central defender Zhu Chenjie followed, but his teammates did not notice the space left behind him.ITO chun also used speed to get rid of Zheng Zheng, received Sakai Hiroshu throw out of the foul ball after a foot shot higher.In the 12th minute, Japan again took advantage of a defensive loophole on China’s left flank to create a partial advantage of 3-on-2, passing the ball behind the defense where Junya ITO’s cross hit Wang for a penalty kick.It wasn’t the only time Japanese players took advantage of the loophole behind Zheng.In the second half, zheng, 32, again mismarked and allowed ITO to head home in front of him.One game is not enough for us to conclude that China is weaker after the change of coach.Still, given China’s performance on the court, it’s hard to expect Li to do any better than his predecessors.Li Tie’s modern tactics and methodical system soon disappeared.Despite some hard work from some players, China could not pose any threat and their performance was a bit lower than in the first leg.This may be an opportunity for The Vietnamese team.However, the first thing we have to do is to surpass ourselves.