Focus on Video Content Upgrade VE Video engine 3.2 Upgrade the video template creation capability

2022-06-27 0 By

In recent years, video content shows an explosive growth trend.There are a number of niche industries that are generating a lot of demand for professional-grade video content production and processing.This kind of demand presents the characteristics of large quantity, high frequency, short production cycle and customized production process.At the same time, as video content occupies a large proportion of Internet traffic, users’ demand for video creation is also gradually rising, and high-quality video content will undoubtedly become a major trend in the future.Driven by this trend, VE video engine needs to make efforts to provide low-threshold, efficient and high-quality video content.The high-quality video content here refers to the ability to allow users to create film scenes, cool MV, brand promotional films and other film and television screen effects through templates.This needs to improve the underlying rendering ability, break the shackles of traditional template material replacement production.In view of this, VE has reconstructed the underlying rendering architecture in version 3.0 to better adapt to the needs of complex video content production.After the Spring Festival, the SDK and video template design tool Leap Effects were further optimized with version 3.2.This optimization is based on high quality and excellent movie-level video content. The editing function of video template parameters is added, which is applied in SDK and Leap Effects.The so-called video template parameters are editable, which means that designers can expose any parameters in AE project files to users for modification.Corresponding to the product, users no longer simply modify the video, picture, text in the template to make a video, but can more freely customize any special effects parameters and layer parameters, such as element color, adjust element position, modify special effects, etc.Make video template making more personal.In addition to editable parameters, the VE SDK enhances support for vector drawing and 3D cameras.The improvement of vector drawing ability is reflected in the smooth transition through deformation animation, making MG animation more silky.The support for 3D cameras is more in line with the previous cinema-level display.Through the 3D camera tracking solution of AE, the camera information in 3D video is calculated, and then the specific position of special effects in 3D space is determined according to the settled camera information, so as to ensure that these special effects materials can perfectly fit the movement track of the original material, and carry out the color toning of film and television, so as to achieve the composite lens close to reality.After three years of iteration, version 3.0 has achieved 80% of the core functions of AE, so using the RENDERING engine of VE can accurately restore the Effects of AE production.The capabilities of version 3.2 also apply to the previously blockbuster Leap Effects.After our technical cooperation with the B-end client, there emerged a large number of video template production requirements. Based on this, VE launched the designer communication community VE Leap and the new video template design tool Leap Effects.Leap Effects has complete video animation rendering capabilities.All external video designers can load native After Effects engineering data to create video templates online.At the beginning, Leap Effects was not only capable of template making, but after three months of testing and improvement, Leap Effects entered the Beta phase with VE Exporter’s template export capability.Allows designers to create and export video templates directly in a Web browser.Leap Effects also features editable parameters in VE3.2, allowing designers to easily expose the parameters in their templates for users to make personalized modifications.Let users make a further step in the production of film and television video content.The improvement of user demand also provides more opportunities for the B-end field. For example, in the field of post-production of film and television, the VE template SDK can provide users with a large number of high-quality templates.Users can change the material in the template, and also change the parameters such as special effects, location and color, which greatly reduces the threshold and production cost of the film and television post-production industry.There are still more application fields such as post-production of film and television, news gathering and editing to be explored.VE Video engine will provide professional customized solutions.In this era of short videos filling every Internet user’s daily life, VE is trying to follow the trend and make it easier for everyone to produce excellent videos.