Hengyang County: promote organic fertilizer to promote agricultural quality and efficiency

2022-06-27 0 By

Workers are making good organic fertilizer for packaging bags.Hengyang County vigorously implement chemical fertilizer, pesticide reduction action, promote green agricultural development.The production of good organic fertilizer distribution to the villages and towns of all kinds of grain in the hands of large households.Farmland that has been ploughed and well fertilized with organic fertilizer.Massachusetts moment hengyang April 7 – (correspondent Wang Peilu Yu-jie Chen reporter Song Meijun) on April 6, the reporter in hengyang county pei ecological technology co., LTD. Seen in the production workshop, the workers are will make a good organic fertilizer make bags, the first batch of 120 tons of organic fertilizer is carried to the county each villages and towns, meet the demand of farmers plowing production at the same time,We will further improve the quality and efficiency of agriculture.Hengyang County pei Ke ecological Science and Technology Co., LTD. General manager of the first ball told reporters, is currently the spring farming season, rice began to plant, while this time to distribute organic fertilizer to towns, let farmers put the basic fertilizer first, later this fertilizer can make the yield per acre increase, and the quality can be improved.To accelerate the application of organic manure, hengyang county in western ferry, slag, river, flood and so on eight villages and towns as the demonstration zone, to take the form of government purchase services, use of which has the function of cadmium reduction per acre 100 kg commodity organic fertilizer, reducing fertilizer seems 10%, reduce the cadmium content more than 20% of agricultural products, and set up a special class is responsible for the organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer to the supervision and technical guidance,We will encourage producers to implement the task of reducing the amount of chemical fertilizer and increasing its efficiency, and promote the transformation of fertilization methods and the improvement of fertilization efficiency.NieChaoLong, deputy chief of the hengyang county bureau of agriculture and rural areas, in order to do a good job in chemical fertilizers reduction efficiency is an important move is to replace chemical fertilizers with organic manure, let farmers to give it as soon as possible, not only can improve soil structure, and to the ecological environmental protection of planting this piece of work well done, cadmium can fall at the same time, the effective power green sustainable development of agriculture.In recent years, hengyang county, work efficiency, reducing and thorough going efforts to promote chemical fertilizers guide peasants to the rational use of chemical fertilizer, reducing fertilizer use, firmly establish a “high yield, high quality, economic, and environmental protection” concept of fertilization in this year’s plan in the county 25 villages and towns and popularizing 20000 acres of organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer, radiation impetus county more than 200000 acres of organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer.