In 2021, Chongqing people’s “Buy buy buy” ranks the third in China!Chongqing consumer confidence and strength how strong

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According to chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, the total retail sales of consumer goods in Chongqing in 2021 reached 1.39677 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 6 percentage points higher than that of the whole country, ranking the third in China.Total retail sales of consumer goods, consisting of wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, is an important indicator of economic prosperity.It can be said that GDP and fiscal revenue are important economic data.What are the top 10 social consumption cities in China in the past 2021?To be specific: from the perspective of the 10 cities on the list, there is no change in the number of members compared with the top 10 cities in terms of total GDP. Meanwhile, these are also the top 10 cities with comprehensive strength in Mainland China where people compare their populations.Chongqing’s social consumption in 2021 is 1.39677 billion yuan, ranking the third, close to Beijing, with only 90 billion yuan difference between the two places. Behind such a high social consumption in Chongqing, there is an inseparable relationship with urban construction and unique new consumption.Since 2021, Chongqing has continued to promote the cultivation and construction of an international consumption center city, promoting the in-depth integration of business travel and culture, and creating a consumption scene with distinctive features, complete functions and diversified formats.Accelerate the construction of the Monument of Liberation – Chaotianmen, Guanyinqiao world famous business district, international consumption resource agglomeration effect further shows, business district popularity ranks the forefront of the country, introduced 169 first stores of international famous brands.At the same time, in recent years, the construction of the new long jia hui shopping park, halo, liangjiang international business center, shopping park “web celebrity” new landmark attract urban district residents consumption, and improve surrounding the value of the surrounding buildings, especially the liangjiang international business center, is highly chongqing district people’s attention in construction, officially opened in late December,Opening attracted a large number of people to the consumer, and liangjiang international business center is located in chongqing liangjiang new area not only owns the first cities in Asia open – central park, park area seven light rail intersection at the same time, is the most convenient traffic area in chongqing urban area, the surrounding buildings more weeks, at the same time, high quality, comfortable living, here also recommend you some:END north KaiDeJiu chapter, China shipping the whole era, agile star he mansion, royal JingJiu garden, poly time zones, cofco day yue one number, longhu YunYao jade positions, taoyuan habitat international garden, telecom, China merchants harmony day jiing city, park avenue, north island, China, poly and light with dust, park avenue, new mountain and yue, love day Chen jiing, platinum yue binjiang, yue jiang foothill, HongKong land kai yuan, Yaju Lejia Yu Tuntao, CDB and Xi Xi West First Xiyue Academy, Longhu Meilin Academy, Huan Cheng,New hope d10 horizon, China merchants chongqing tianfu, classical order court, Jin Huiyun him long beach, splendid foot of the original, hua yu city, clouds elegant, pleasant scenery area, east original QingXi jinke linnane area cloud of institution of higher learning, country garden poly YunXi reputation, royal HuaXiaoFeng jiangnan, day time sinks, agile good time classics, plum sequence, jinke nanshan chongqing China hao 18 t