Let’s find Scorpio’s treasure

2022-06-27 0 By

Mining constellation treasure and see constellation essence, today we are going to search popular constellation scorpius, Scorpio always give the abdomen black ah, love, revenge, the Barbara Barbara, actually in the zodiac, Scorpio is relatively strong, the top sign, this is because he was the god of hell wang, the labels are often low Scorpio appearances,Scorpios have the power to change the world, like Bill Gates.Treasure one, dealing with death, now let’s look at what guardian Scorpio Pluto is in charge, death and sex, money, power, and everything is enough to change the state of life, Scorpio’s greatest treasure is to learn to dealing with death, build your own view, this can be either physical death, death can also be a variety of symbolic death,Including the loss of love, betrayal and trust, these forms of loss are for a better rebirth. Only when Scorpio conquers the fear of death, can it become stronger. Otherwise, they will live in a variety of fear of death and always worry about something bad happening, often inexplicable.Treasure two, sharp mind, Scorpio is probably up to the black label, because Pluto was in charge of the deep psychological, Scorpio is inherently strong intuition, always can he who sees through others’ career, for a variety of diablo humanity always has a profound insight, advanced Scorpio is really don’t like to play plot, because very despise, only to be back,If we are not attacked, we will not attack; if we are attacked, we will certainly attack.Guardian of Scorpio, three treasures, desire, Pluto is often associated with deep intimacy, Scorpio around him, eager to love has a lover’s body and mind, this is a kind of strong desire from sexual instinct, Scorpio’s all sorts of behaviour are pointing in the direction of the desire, and desire and decided the choice, only the desire also often bring all kinds of pain and suffering to Scorpio,That is, the apocalypse.Scorpio needs to face their weaknesses, only respect the desire, while increasing grade of desire, to complete flexible change and growth, from the gutter diablo scorpion to vision, eagles soar, to full of divine love, the sanctity of the dove, that is Scorpio rising, scorpios, you have a long way to go, but once the calendar of success,You must be worthy of this life.