Nature carved out a magnificent magnificent Yuanmou soil forest wonders, breathtaking

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Yuanmou Earth Forest is located in Mumao Township, Yuanmou County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. With a history of 1.5 million years, yuanmou Earth Forest here is a magnificent territory carved by nature with strange circuitous landforms and overlapping peaks. It is also the first wonder of earth forest in the world.Soil forest is the result of the combination of special lithology, tectonic movement, wind and rain dynamics and ecological environment, which shows the process of landform change and development.The whole area is dotted with dangerous peaks, which rise and fall, and there are three places worth watching, namely Mumaotu Forest, Langba Pu Forest and Bangguotu forest.The forest covers a total area of about 8 square kilometers, with an average elevation of about 1,100 meters. It is developed in a set of strata with alternating river gravel layer and sand layer and clay layer.Although it is not the highest elevation of all the earthen forests, it has the largest number and the richest form of mountain wonders due to its vast area and deep valleys. A magnificent and solid barrier of peaks stands majestically under the sky.Between the valleys, natural stones form a section of irregular steps, and the surrounding rocks around, walking in the meantime seems to walk into a picture of ancient times, lamenting the magical power of nature to bring people infinite visual impact.Take a careful stroll will also find that there is a strange line of sky hidden in the middle of the valley, as long as you go a little deeper, such a landscape is not difficult to be found, solid tall wall between the extrusion of a gap, before the eyes like a picture, ancient hercules tried their best to split the rock, was carved out a magnificent landscape line.Address: Mumao Township, Yuanmou County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province Transportation: Due to the remote landscape of soil and forest wind, it is recommended to drive to the most suitable;If you want to take the means of transport, you can only take a bus from the Chuxiong West passenger station to Yuanmou County, and then charter a bus or find a tour bus.