Rural revitalization to see Rugao! “minority dishes” out of the public road, paving the road to prosperity for farmers!

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Black caving vegetable is a unique vegetable variety in Rugao, Nantong, Jiangsu province, and is also a national geographic symbol of agricultural products.In recent years, Rugao has actively explored an efficient production path of heizhao vegetables, realized the integration of production, processing and sales, promoted farmers to increase their income and get rich, and promoted the revitalization of rural industries.It is the peak season of harvest.In Rugao moved by town longqiao village black collapse vegetable planting base, yikeke black collapse vegetable lying on the ground, the dark green stretches far away.Base a corner, a few villagers are busy harvesting, a busy scene.Longqiao village is located in the remote, no industrial projects, the provincial economy was weak village.The village changes train of thought, want benefit to land.In 2018, the village set up a cooperative and signed a cooperation agreement with leading agricultural enterprises. As soon as the black vegetables in Longqiao village are collected, they will be sent to the enterprises for processing at the negotiated price.Yan Haichun, head of longqiao village Committee, said, “By planting black vegetables, the village has increased its income by more than 500,000 yuan in recent years, and we ordinary people have received a fixed rent on the land income.”Fresh black vegetables after cleaning, cutting, repeated rinsing, high temperature sterilization and other procedures, the packaging box into the cold storage.The taste of the processed black taisai is almost no different from that of fresh black taisai when cooking.After efforts have now been sold to some enterprises in Rugao.At present, rugao city black collapse vegetable planting scale of 20 thousand mu, before the seed, after the frozen, all-weather, chain production and sales, not only to ensure the double stability of vegetable output and quality, but also effectively boost the industrialization and brand operation of black collapse vegetable.Rugao city vegetable office director Huang Dongmei introduces: “we first from the seed source to ensure the root of this dish is red seedling, and then from the planting technology to standardize, and then from the brand to create efforts, we declared the national geographic mark products, enhance its value, so that people can really get benefits.”Source | Learning power author | Wu Huanyu Chen Jiaxi