What are the new trends of “New Year shopping”?Take a look.

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The New Year couplets are not only mini versions with rice jars and cat nests attached, but also “unconventional” and even mixed with English.The post-90s and post-00s store not only food and clothing, but also VR glasses as a reward for their hard “working” for a year.The post-80s, who have children, have bought many new products for the “intelligent home”.Different regions breed different New Year flavor.Consumers of different ages and genders have different preferences for Spring Festival goods.The modern Chinese Dictionary defines “New Year goods” as “items corresponding to the Lunar New Year, such as cakes, New Year pictures, fireworks, etc.”With the change of The Times, the content of “New Year goods” is more inclusive, shopping malls and e-commerce platforms have also had “New Year goods Festival”, in addition to the New Year necessities, gifts to relatives and friends, reward themselves are the eyes of the contemporary people of the “New Year goods”.The traditional custom of “wearing new clothes for the New Year” has not changed.According to statistics from the 2022 Shopping Festival — Chinese New Year Consumption Trend Report, the keywords with the highest volume of “buy during the Spring Festival” on weibo at the end of 2021 include clothes, mobile phones and snacks. This year, the keywords with the highest volume of “buy during the Spring Festival” include mobile phones, necklaces and Chinese clothes.The 2022 Spring Festival, under the initiative of “Celebrating the Spring Festival in place”, people miss their families and look forward to reunion, and the “Spring Festival goods” are endowed with more emotional connotations.Materially, people pay more attention to keywords such as “home”, “health”, “fitness” and “intelligence”, while spiritually, people are more willing to pay for keywords such as “cultural significance”, “cure” and “good luck”.From the overall online situation, the TOP10 categories of transaction value of 2022 goods festival are women’s clothing, home decoration, food, 3C digital, home textile, maternal and child, men’s clothing, beauty makeup, outdoor sports and everyone’s electricity.The preference for Spring Festival goods is differentiated by population and region. The data shows that women are the main force for purchasing Spring Festival goods, contributing 61% of the transaction amount online as a whole, and the number is significantly higher than that of men, which is 1.8 times that of men.Women’s clothing, beauty makeup, mother and baby categories are preferred by women.Although the number of men buying “Lunar New Year goods” is small, the overall number of items is slightly more than that of women, and they are more likely to “sell” in 3C digital products and electronic products.The demand for Spring Festival goods varies significantly between generations.Both the post-00s who just entered the workplace and the post-90s who are the new force in the workplace have a high preference for 3C digital and women’s wear.Post-80s are in the life stage of having children and settling down and buying a house, and their preference for home decoration and mother and baby is more prominent.In addition to home decoration, the post-70s also show high preference in women’s clothing and food.Different regions to buy New Year’s goods also have their own characteristics.The northern Lunar New Year’s goods emphasize the large volume, causing hot discussions on the topic of “the south on jin, the north on cars”.At the same time, “the south eats rice cake, the north eats dumplings” and other New Year’s Eve dinner differences are resonating topics.Throughout the New Year’s goods all over the world, the most significant difference is to see the “family feast” on the tongue: Red sausage in Changchun, salted duck in Nanjing, hot pot in Sichuan, flower cake in Yunnan, roasted pork in Guangzhou, ginger mother duck in Xiamen, etc., are all included in the “National New Year’s Goods Map” as regional characteristics.What are the new trends of “New Year goods”?COVID-19 has restricted travel, and people are more willing to invest in their families than in personal connections.At the same time, the longer time at home, the firm desire of many people to live and buy homes, people want to decorate the home into a more warm, intelligent space.Therefore, with “home” related categories, such as everyone’s electricity, home textile, household appliances, home decoration and so on have shown a positive growth.For example, the popularity of floor scrubbing machines has created cleaner homes, and new appliances such as projectors are replacing televisions as a source of happiness for the younger generation.”New Year to send health” has also become a new trend.Physical examination cards, blood glucose meters, probiotics and other products related to health and health care are especially common as gifts for parents and elders.Under the guidance of the pursuit of healthy life, “outdoor sports”, “yoga” and other sports equipment has become a new choice of goods, the winter Olympics snow and ice boom also led to the rapid growth of skiing equipment.Digital technology is now both entertainment and productivity.VR devices are bucking the trend under the concept of the metasverse, and the rise is encouraging.Mobile phones, computers and other products also form “upgrade” demand with the expansion of home office and online learning.Eating at home is bliss with fireworks.The air fryer went from social to offline.”Looks like Little Red Book’s gonna kill me if I don’t get an air fryer.”Netizens joked that they frequently received product and recipe recommendations from social networking platforms.In addition, prepared dishes, quick dishes and other products that can easily solve the problem of preparing New Year’s Eve dinner are also widely praised.It can not only satisfy the ritual feeling of cooking personally, but also fill up the “row noodles” of the New Year’s Eve dinner.The hashtag “The two stolen Years” was trending ahead of the holiday, receiving 510 million views.During the Spring Festival, people hope to record the present and retain the moment of love and beauty.”Art photo”, “family photo” and other photography services have seen a significant increase, high appearance level of the New Year art photo is a beauty lover friend circle brush screen sharp weapon.Polaroid cameras that capture life-like moments are also popular.”Everything can be pasted couplets” into the New Year custom New Year goods, national tide, domestic goods in power.In the category of women’s clothing, cheongsam and Hanfu are gaining popularity, and More and more young people are wearing Chinese fashion clothes in the New Year.Under the epidemic, people passively or actively have a closer connection with the local life, local specialties become “regional pride”, and the old brands are rejuvenated.Hot pot, red sausage, flower cake, salt baked chicken and other time-honored dishes are popular.A cat dressed in a lion costume has gone viral on the Internet, with “When a dog wears a down jacket” also trending.As a member of the pet family, it is natural that pets should be prepared for the Spring Festival.Pet clothes, pet smart equipment growth momentum is obvious.Red clothing has always played an important role in Chinese New Year shopping, and now even drinks are covered with red lion caps to create a good color.Koi jewelry and goods for good luck cover all kinds of life accessories, running through People’s Daily necessities.In the past, people stuck couplets on the door, but now the cat’s nest, dog’s nest, rice bowl, and even the power socket…Couplets can be posted on everything.In addition to the mini style, the text content of the couplet is also quite eye-catching.”WORK WORK HARD NOT TOO LATE,TRY NEXT YEAR BE THE BOSS”, “JUST DO IT”, for “unconventional” English couplets, “CHINGLISH” (CHINGLISH) grammatical errors are NOT THE key point,Want is that share of humor to bring a knowing smile.These Spring Festival couplets add a “New Year flavor” and are also full of young people’s self-expression.