Attention!From April 1, major adjustment of traffic violation score

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Through a red light down 12 points, drunken driving down 6 remember driving test is always confusing any illegal scoring scoring rules in April 1, will have significant adjustment adjustment to compare some of the common left left left line pressing down down down down 3 points to remember 1 driving do not tally with the quasi driving type of the vehicle driving down 12 points to 9 points after a 2 points to holding a call to remember three points not paste conformity inspection markThe Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has issued a new regulation on the Administration of Scoring For Road Traffic Safety Violations (DECREE No. 163), which will come into force on April 1, 2022.Under the premise of maintaining a high pressure situation on illegal behaviors that seriously interfere with traffic safety, such as drunk driving, escaping from traffic accidents after causing casualties, and using forged and altered license plates, the 2022 version of the Measures adjusts the points for traffic violations according to the degree of impact on road traffic safety and smooth flow. Compared with the 2016 version of traffic violations and points,A total of 50 traffic offenses will be scored in the 2022 version, with 7 getting 12 points, 7 getting 9 points, 11 getting 6 points, 15 getting 3 points and 10 getting 1 point.Added 9 points and deleted 2 points for illegal acts.According to the official website of the Ministry of Public Security of Fujian Daily, traffic safety management knowledge disseminator, Jiangxi Province