Liang Xiaosheng, The World: “Invisible” Zheng Guangming, his monasticism is not so “simple”

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Liang Xiaosheng the novel’s new drama “in the world” after the broadcast, won numerous audience’s expectation and simplicity, inside besides revolves around Zhou Jiasan brother and sister to the plot, and some of the “little guy” feeder, such as my favorite wang Yang as xiao-guang CAI and 09 born small actor Han Haolin invisible kuang-ming cheng.Kuang-ming cheng and Zheng Juan as two siblings, in a “love” fate “miserable” are more family grew up, mother put two zheng didn’t have any related pick up to “sister”, formed a “family”, so to have clever Zheng Juan, they were thin, young, 21 Zheng Nan unmarried gave birth to the son, brother kuang-ming cheng from small eyes can’t see,A recumbent zheng mother pushing a car on the street every day earn money by selling popsicles and sugar-coated berry and until one day Zhou Bingkun of people to send money to them, the fate of the reverse to changes have taken place in the family, also changed the fate of Zhou Bingkun, perhaps, it is their idea of fate.Kuang-ming cheng “lives” Zheng Juan kuang-ming cheng will pick up to the mother, Zheng Juan has more than ten years old, at that time she didn’t know she is mother to pick up, mother just cheat she said that her father is a sell sugar-coated figurine, later got sick died, she told kuang-ming cheng is no Zheng Juan to pick up, zheng mother buddhist, she thought the met the fate between people, god gave her a gift,Even though she could only support them by selling popsicles.Zheng Juan raw well since I was a child, when she grow up to more than ten years old to help mother to sell Popsicle, mother didn’t let her go, because she is afraid of a little girl getting on some social youth flirt get in big trouble, but Zheng Juan looking at hard just want to help her mother, indeed as expected when selling ice stick to a group of young, with polish zhiqiang to help make Zheng Juan grateful,But tu Zhiqiang is gay, with water elder brother’s feelings are very good, but because of The Times do not recognize can only find a girlfriend hide, “cotton-monkey” is tu Zhiqiang’s friend, in once drunk after zheng Juan defaced and pregnant with the child.Until zheng mother died before telling Zheng Juan her life, she is not her mother, she let Zheng Juan don’t tell Zheng Guangming life, mother said: “No matter what valuable not valuable things can pick up, but just can’t say pick up.Anyone who says he will pick someone else is guilty of not taking anyone else as a person.Remember, this little brother is god’s gift to us, maybe he is god himself, pretending to be blind, and we’ll see what we do with him.If we treat him well, God will treat us well.”Zheng Juan said, “You say your father is a sugar man, a cotton player, what is it?”I’ll just say sugar man, which sounds sweeter than spinning cotton.Then, zheng Juan sister younger brother two lives had an imaginary father that knead sugar person and the mother that sells ice lolly heart kind is like living bodhisattva.Zheng Guangming eyes can not see, but let his heart more bright, perhaps should be his mother said that, is a gift from Heaven, light is a root, just to the world waiting for a chance to fulfill him.Met his mother, met Zheng Juan, met Zhou Bingkun, all of these are the foundation of his practice in the first half of his life, until the bridge was built, his practice of the road was successful.Kuang-ming cheng’s life transition since Zhou Bingkun began to send money to Zheng Juan home, on the help of two siblings are grateful, weeks after the mother fell ill, Zheng Juan came to take care of the house, the home also in perfect orderly, ChunYan disciple Yu Hong often come for a week with her mother massage, also teaches Zheng Juan some techniques and massage acupuncture points, kuang-ming cheng from the sidelines also learn by watching them.Zheng Juan hands are full, is kuang-ming cheng for weeks mother massage, then weeks mother under two siblings Zheng Juan fall in love to take care of, really can get out of bed again, just not awake, head start using Zheng Juan as eldest son daughter-in-law dong-mei hao ping-i Chou, the son of Zheng Juan Zheng Nan, kuang-ming cheng, and the daughter of Zhou Rong Zhou Yue the three children as dong-mei hao’s children,Zheng Juan as Hao Dongmei in front of her said Zheng Juan is a fox, came to harm her family and her little son.Kuang-ming cheng during this time practice massage techniques for he put to use, may also is such a seemingly useless mianmianzhong doomed to experience, it’s use of Zhou Bingkun go ChunYan the back door, will go to their ZaoTangZi kuang-ming cheng to arrange for the blind massage, can also provide accommodation, it makes some Zheng Juan burden lighter,Zheng Guangming is no longer worried about the psychological burden of being useless when he can’t see.After 1986, ChunYan stay by the “people’s big bath” changed to “hongxia bath center”, no longer belong to commerce, government departments and enterprises directly under a complete decoupling, later, the bath center does not exist, which sold to private, turned into a supermarket, has long been HuiLaiShi ChunYan son, will the above relationship do very well, after the collapse in the bath center,Only she was transferred to the women’s Federation as a deputy director, but also divided into a room of more than 20 square meters in tongzi building, no kitchen but heating, so that friends around the envy.Kuang-ming cheng in bath center work during that time, offered a seventy – year – old BeiPuTuo temple abbot monk clean spirit massage, to treat his disease of the lumbar spine, when he received the news of bath center collapse, then let the two monks came to find kuang-ming cheng, asked whether he would like to follow him to become a monk, for private citizens free massage, relieve sufferings?Zheng Guangming does not belong to the formal workers of the bath center, there is no compensation, and now the place to earn wages is no longer, it is broken his only livelihood, and the acquaintance of the abbot of jie Ling, is the greatest blessing in his life, for his life to guide the direction, get the light of this life practice.Zheng Guangming went to the North Putuo Temple, the name “firefly heart”.In the temple, he chanted sutras and Buddhas on weekdays, and when pilgrims came to him for massages, he would massage them free of charge. He was skilled and patient, so he often stood in a long line in the temple waiting for him to massage.Of course, Zheng Guangming’s monk, the death of Hao Dongmei’s mother, there are countless things, all this happened in Zhou Bingkun to fight for adopted son Zheng Nan, accidentally killed zheng Nan’s father “cotton monkey” in prison for 12 years.Zhou Bingkun released from prison, from the mouth of his brother-in-law CAI Xiaoguang heard That Zheng Guangming became a monk, he accompanied Zheng Juan to temple seen several times the light, bright life is quite stable, he is really found his life in the world go a life value.But for Zhou Bingkun just came to hear the news, he is guilty, the childhood often embrace him, call him grasp kun brother kuang-ming cheng unexpectedly became a monk, had no child, not married seems to be all this he has the responsibility to be the same, but xiao-guang CAI live understand the kind of person, he said to the brother-in-law, kuang-ming cheng be hotaru monk heart, may be he’s the best way to play,You want to marry for him, that in the end is to marry a what kind of, is a job has not a job, have a job of the family will like a blind, have no job and who to support the family but also raise children?Zheng Guangming’s present situation is the best way for him to live, as well as a period of fate with Buddha., then arrange a lot of the time, we always thought over a candy, will usher in a sunny life, can however, fate is always set to us a lot of disaster, everyone to a level close to experience, always take the disaster on the monument “fate” number all over, life is politics, and everyone want to iterate through the hook is not the same again,For example, Tang Seng in Journey to the West had to go through ninety-nine eighty-one difficulties to obtain buddhist scriptures, and Jiang Ziya in The Romance of Gods had to go through seven deaths and three disasters before he could successfully enjoy worldly wealth. We all need to experience our own disasters, swallow our own suffering, walk our own way, and repair the journey of human beings.Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan love, very not easy to two people together through life’s bitter Zheng Nan grown up, have ambition, went to study in harvard, the son of two people Zhou Cong also became a journalist, Zhou Bingkun also out, seems to be all disaster, start a family reunion the day of peace, but who had thought Zheng Nan will through his own, or a “death”.Zheng Nan in harvard, school shootings, ta Zheng Nan for professor turned a gun and shot, Zhou Bingkun directly fell ill after news, Zheng Juan strong to handle Zheng Nan behind things went to the United States, and refused to hundreds of dollars in compensation given in the school, she brought Zheng Nan ashes after returning home, as uncle kuang-ming cheng in the Zheng Juan door in a timely manner,He is to pick up his nephew Zheng Nan, the monks to Zheng Nan do Taoist rites, let him become a Buddhist lay disciples, ashes were buried in the temple between the pine forest, enjoy the blessing of the Buddhist shrine.When everyone finished all the obstacles in life, the rest of his life can go smooth road, Zheng Guangming calendar through the “invisible”, but ushered in the blessing of his life, became the temple famous firefly heart master;Zheng Juan through his “love robbery”, met Zhou Bingkun such a good husband;Zhou Bingkun finished his “prisoner robbery”, ushered in the old house demolition, stable ordinary little day;And Zheng Nan, although the experience is “death”, but achieved the height of his life and the blessing of the afterlife, and it was not another kind of perfection.Everything in the world like a mianmianzhong doomed to meet, if didn’t meet Zhou Bingkun Zheng Juan, perhaps they’re not bottom go to, a long life, old mother died kuang-ming cheng is no way out will starve to death, Zheng Nan won’t born safely, have long been stillborn or born too soon starved to death, and Zheng Juan how to live, but the emergence of Zhou BingkunChanged the fate of all the people in the Zheng family, but also changed their own fate, that is to change, and it is not like a doomed fate.Liang Xiaosheng in “The World” wrote around the zhou family three siblings around the fate of all the characters, which involves all aspects, there are senior officials have civilians, there are big people also have little people, there are past and present, the passage of time, fifty years in the world changed appearance.Borrow Zheng Guangming in the book said two paragraphs of text to end this article about Zheng Guangming’s life story, a paragraph is he came to pick up Zheng Nan to cross over to bingkun said, a paragraph is the family reunion finale sent New Year’s blessing SMS: “through the ages, human well-being, always the last turn to the people.The way of heaven remains unchanged, so does the Buddha.The immensity of Buddha dharma does not mean that Buddha can change the way of heaven.There is nothing to be done but patient hope.A great change is nothing more than another change of dignitaries…””A moment of kindness, a moment of Buddha;One thing good, one thing Buddha;One day good, one day Buddha;Every good day makes every man a Buddha.Good and good, Buddha light, I bless the peace of the loved ones.Hotaru heart.”