My father’s bank deposit is 800,000 yuan, every month lie to earn interest 2750 yuan, a speech let me wake up

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Is food in the hand, in the heart can not panic, my dad every day carefree free, life is comfortable, because he only have deposit in the bank, 800000, 2020 of five-year large certificates of deposit, as you all know, 2019 is the highest point in the bank deposit rates, although interest rates declined since 2020, but more than 4% of the interest rate can be seen everywhere.At that time, my father chose CDS with an interest rate of 4.126% and chose to receive monthly interest. Now he has a stable monthly interest income of 2,750 yuan.It seemed like a small amount of money to me, so I thought MAYBE I could redeem it early and do something else, but I got an angry rebuke before I finished my sentence., according to my father’s words, don’t bite off more looked at the mountain looked at the mountain is high, the real wealth as ordinary people is through the accumulation, a wish to make a lot of money and finally end up badly, mostly are suffering even in debt, I recall a lot of people, they seem to really is like this, before a few years to do business to money fast,It’s been a hell of a couple of years.My father’s words really inspired me, which made me suddenly realize that in this era, everything needs real skills. If you don’t have the corresponding conditions to mess around with investment, the final outcome will be a bit miserable.At the same time, I also remind you that it is good to make money, but there are many ways to make money. It is really risky to invest and do business, especially in the field that you are not familiar with and not sure about.Like my father may be the epitome of many ordinary people, a bit of money is safely deposited in the bank, the principal is safe and the interest income is stable, so it is not a kind of profit to keep it.