Sun Zhuo buyer villagers again exposed fierce material, said Sun Zhuo supporting the family two sister was not broken off, the country yalin identity into a mystery

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Sun Zhuo, this still has enough attention now, after all, as the son of Sun Haiyang, Sun Haiyang has been looking for the leader of the parent group.Now the son of Sun Haiyang Sun Zhuo found, media nature is to be able to scramble to break the news.There are always some people ridicule Sun Haiyang seems to be too high-profile, but at the beginning Sun Haiyang can find Sun Zhuo, that also has a lot of official media credit.Even somebody else Sun Haiyang himself is willing to let the media broadcast, so those who say Sun Haiyang high-profile people, in the end is with buyers and traffickers what relationship?Sun Ocean effect continues to ferment, but also let a lot of parents have found their children.It has been some time since Sun Zhuo, the son of Sun Haiyang, returned to his biological parents and got along well with his sister and brother.But the sister on the buyer’s side was not so happy. After all, they had been together for 14 years. It was not realistic to say that they had no feelings at all.Recently there is a buyer sun Zhuo villagers open live, perhaps for the heat, many villagers have also been exposed fierce material, there is news that Sun Zhuo supporting the family and the second sister has not been broken off, the country yalin identity into a mystery.On the Internet, people have always thought that Guo Yalin is Sun Zhuo’s breadwinner second sister, it is said that this is actually Sun Zhuo’s breadwinner eldest sister, the second sister is not engaged yet!As we all know, buying and selling children is an illegal and criminal act. At this time, we also hope that the buyers and villagers can disclose more information, so that the fake parents of Sun Zhuo will experience prison.If it is not the behavior of sun Zhuo buyers, then Sun Haiyang will not be painful for a full 14 years of time, but have to admire the family Sun Haiyang couple, while looking for children, but also the family and business are so good.Now the buyer of Sun Zhuo seems to be still not quiet, can only say that the real love is to know how to let go, Sun Zhuo is someone else sun Haiyang’s own flesh and blood, this is something that no one can change.Sun Zhuo has made a decision, the buyer side or quiet better!On the network, there are many pretend to be sun Zhuo buyer sister’s number, which is a little too much.Of course, whether Sun Zhuo will choose to go back to Yanggu to visit his former friends in the future is to respect Sun Zhuo’s choice.But getting Sun Zhuo back to the fake parents of the buyer is definitely not going to happen.Now after Sun Zhuo returned to his family of origin, it can be seen that sun Yue is also slowly adapting to the current environment. Sun Yue is always taking care of Sun Zhuo’s feelings, and netizens joke that the two siblings are almost joined at the same time.If the buyer side of the smart words, it should quietly wait for the legal sanctions, rather than continue to arrogance on the network!