Warm daily sweet pet text “I and Yongzheng in Sui and Tang” female can be sweet or salty, male pet wife has no lower limit

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With a tolerant heart to live, the crowded world will become infinitely broad, and the ordinary life will become full of sunshine.Hello, everyone! I’m here to save you from the book shortage.As long as click collect, you can get rid of the book shortage of life, your love is my biggest power!Today brings you the wonderful content is: sweet daily sweet pet text “I and Yongzheng in Sui and Tang dynasty” female can be sweet or salty, male pet wife without lower limit.Abstract: People only know that their prime minister henpecked at them, but they do not know how much effort Yuan Xia had made to discipline this man.Wei is getting a honey smile. Is that an evil jealous man who is definitely cutting off those peach blossoms on his own initiative?Yuan Xia one day suddenly very confused, this guy is like her through the same?How else would he know so much about things that haven’t happened yet?Small theatre after many years: Pei;Xianggong, I showdown, actually MY name is Yuan Xia, from more than one thousand years later.W: Really?Has the lady heard me?I am also from more than one thousand years later, and my name is Yinzhen Aixinjueluo!Wonderful clip: hear the ship to be blown to spread more sink, one hundred thousand water army ten do not save a time, in the upper and lower are silent.There are those who shout joyously scholars, also in overnight silence.After days of torrential rain, tens of thousands of people were displaced, and people in flooded areas were forced to pack their bags and leave their homes.In a short period of more than ten days, the people were already living in poverty and complaining.And then there were riots in several places, and the refugees, naturally, became part of the riots.By July 12, six cities had been completely submerged, and the situation was very serious.No one dares to offend an emperor in an emergency, and everyone keeps his mouth shut and his tail between his legs for fear of being blamed.At this time, Wei is getting a firm foothold in Jizhou City. He is getting his own manpower in all places, and then he has set up six units.Later, he took in talented people and opened a storehouse to put grain in his household. He built a vacant lot to receive these fleeing people.It was because of this that the emperor became less angry and decided not to deal with him for the time being.In addition, the Emperor cannot pay attention to Zhou Luo at that time. On the one hand, he sends someone to deal with and treat the remaining displaced people, and on the other hand, he sends the King of Jin to Jizhou City to negotiate with Wei.Abstract: Wake up, Qin Xiang unexpectedly through a vicious stepmother, xianggong and children regard her as a thorn in the side, there is a rival in love looking forward to her roll every day?Qin Xiang is not afraid of, roll up sleeves is dry, make money to raise steamed stuffed bun harvest beautiful male two not by mistake, busy not yiyi……Wonderful snippet: Qin Xiang crying a few steps channeled to Ni Long, in the eyes of hate.”Stay back!I just wanted to earn more money. I didn’t mean to say you were having a son, and I didn’t think your mother-in-law would play with you!”Ni Long stumbled backward, the mouth shouted.”Are you a Taoist priest?How can you not figure it out? You clearly said so on purpose, deliberately making my mother-in-law consult with me, I want you to come down to accompany me!”Qin Xiang screamed, stretched out his hand toward ni Long’s neck pinched the past.Ni Long fell on the ground, paralyzed into a group, a SAO from his body came, the boy was scared urine.Qinxiang heart very dislike, she thought this guy can install it, the original is a loser.”I really don’t mean it. I’m just a false Taoist priest, cheating and stealing a few money. I see that your mother-in-law is desperate to beg for a son before saying that you are pregnant with a boy.Ni Daochang no image of crawling on the ground, hiding behind the table, tears in tears shouted.The scene around the instant quiet down, all the melon eating crowd are dumbfounded, did not expect such things.Jie jie…”If you’re a false priest, how did you get me here?”Qin Xiang grabbed his hair, hair immediately scattered down, she tilted her head eyes cold staring at Ni Long, faint ask.Ni Dao long at this time really hope that he has fainted, but he did not fainted, more dare not cheat cao Sanniang, as long as all things are clear.(Click below to be able to read for free) The third book “Princess of magic brush” author: Shallow on the Stream Abstract: Escaped the avalanche did not escape through, this thought can open hang a new life, but unexpectedly by the disabled king caught as a servant girl.Everyone to step on a foot, cloud lane song but secretly laugh.I have a gold finger, and I’m not afraid of your mortal gimmicks.A big move the whole palace chicken fly dog jumped, the culprit cloud song but holding the thigh of the king refused to go.Magic brush to see the Lord can be a large probability of realisation, painting what is not fragrant?Servant girl reverse attack into princess flash……Blind people eye, husband and wife concentric fight the world, fight strong enemies, abuse SIMS, uncomfortable.Once the queen, everyone said that cloud song is too good life.Cloud lane song but panic: “gong dou too tired, I refuse!”Night gentleman from embrace her waist: “don’t be afraid, I harem and in the heart, only you.”At the beginning of the night juncheng is directly want to put the mountain bandit leader to execute, but then in the copycat search time found some mysterious letters, immediately let him know that the mountain bandit leader is not ordinary, you said so can be well brought back, shut in the dungeon.Night Juncheng is sitting in a chair with two legs crossed, his face is all a school of solemnness of color, he can not see the tender feeling when he gets along with cloud song, he asked in a heavy voice.”What the hell are those letters in your copy?”The bandit leader had been beaten half to death, but at this time he still clenched his teeth, said nothing, just pretended to be confused.”My Lord, you do me wrong. I know nothing of the letters you write, and I have never seen them, and you could ask me the same thing a hundred times.”Mountain bandit chieftain’s outfit is really very similar, if it is ordinary ordinary officials, may really believe what he said, but the night King city has clearly seen the strange place on those letters, directly took out the letter one by one, put it on the table and asked.”My king gives you a chance again, is it to say or not to say?”The mountain bandit leader or before that statement, die are not willing to change, also said.”My Lord, I really don’t know what it is. It’s no use asking any more questions. It’s better to put an end to it.”(Click below to read for free) warm daily sweet pet text “I and Yongzheng in Sui and Tang” female protagonist can be sweet or salty, male protagonist pet wife has no lower limit.This issue of the book list has been submitted, you bookworms, have you found your love?Pay attention to xiaobian, sea of books carefully selected, quality assurance.Leave us a comment in the comments and let’s share the good books!When a girl meets a reborn man, Li Xiaoxuan says: “I love you in my Best Time” until he breaks in and completely displaces the order of her life