Hilton Orchard Singapore opens its flagship hotel in Asia

2022-06-29 0 By

Hilton Singapore Orchard, Hilton’s flagship hotel in Asia, has opened.Located in the heart of Orchard Road, the 1,080-room hotel sets a new standard for hospitality in Singapore’s famed shopping district with modern design, innovative dining experiences and spacious meeting Spaces.Singapore is an important business center in the world and an internationally renowned leisure destination.Located in the heart of the Lion City’s lifestyle, shopping and dining paradise, with direct access to Mandarin Gallery, the hotel offers easy access to the world’s top branded boutiques, dining venues, as well as first-class specialist medical center and central Business District.Hilton Orchard Singapore has 2,400 square metres of event facilities, including 16 mixed-use Spaces with natural light to cater for meetings, seminars and events of all sizes.The Grand Ballroom, which can accommodate 900 people, offers panoramic views of the city in the Imperial Ballroom, a multi-story amphitheatre. Both rooms are equipped with advanced LED curtain walls, lighting and sound equipment.Will be able to create unforgettable experience for guests.Hilton Orchard Singapore pays tribute to Singapore’s rich history and agricultural heritage with a modern design.Plant-themed elements are reflected in art and interior design throughout the hotel, while the hotel incorporates environmental considerations into many guest experiences.Each guest room and suite is equipped with energy-saving technology, air conditioning and lighting systems that can be adjusted to accommodate guests’ activities, while digital keys and smartphone connectivity provide greater convenience for guests on the move.