Huangzhou District, Huanggang City, Hubei Province: Ecological restoration promotes the development of Chinese astragalus and indigo dyeing to inherit the millennium civilization

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The ecological restoration of Huangzhou District in Huanggang has spawned a sea of Chinese milk vetch flowers.Huanggang, April 3 (People’s Daily Online by Guo Tingting) On the eve of Tomb-sweeping Day, Huangzhou District of Huanggang City, Hubei Province launched the activity of “Celebrating the 20th National Congress, E Road heart to the Party — New media joint visiting Group huangzhou”. More than 20 new media reporters from provinces, cities and counties walked into the town of Huangzhou District, and enjoyed the thousand mu of Chinese purple cloud flower sea in Huangzhou Section of Bahe River.Visit the whole process of indigo dyeing technology after its “revival” and witness the new achievements of rural revitalization and development in Huangzhou District.In March, along the huangzhou Road town of Bahe, thousands of mu of Chinese raspberry bloomed as scheduled, and a sea of purple and red flowers gathered together, attracting many tourists to punch in and making members of the new media reporters marvel.Illegal sand mining was once rampant in the Bahe river, a first-class tributary of the Yangtze.In recent years, the Huangzhou District Party Committee and the District government have carried out the spirit of “jointly protecting the Yangtze River Economic Belt, not engaging in large-scale development”, and put the restoration of the Ecological environment of the Yangtze River in an overwhelming position. Since January 1, 2016, mining has been banned along the whole coastline of the Ba River in China, and personnel have been organized to conduct a comprehensive cleaning of the river section.The wild sea of 1000 mu of Chinese astragalus, stretching 4 kilometers, is the flower of civilization promoted by ecological environment protection in Huangzhou District.Blue indigo dyeing in Huangzhou District of Huanggang inherits the millennium civilization.In Lijiazhai Village, the “Chu Blue Dye House” presents another flower to members of the new media reporter group: the flower of a thousand years of farming civilization.Indigo dyeing has been practiced in China for thousands of years.In Lijiazhai Village, Huangzhou, the indigo dyeing technology was cut off for more than 60 years due to the emergence of synthetic fibers and synthetic dyes and economic factors, which resulted in the production of indigo in Huangzhou.Now, “Huangzhou Liang” fifth generation successor Li Zuqiao, Chen Xiaolian couple after many years of efforts, not only restored huangzhou wood blue planting;In addition, the “Chu Blue Dyeing Workshop” was successfully built, and the indigo dyeing process and dyeing process were restored to make the blue color beautiful on the land of Huangzhou.On the same day, the new media reporters also visited shajiazhou Industrial Base, Rongli Ecological farm, Liu Zitong residence, Dongling Village beautiful village demonstration site, Shuangtan Village poverty alleviation workshop and Hubei Junyuan bean Products Co., LTD., to experience and witness the new achievements of rural revitalization.According to introducing, huangzhou “celebrate 20, E road heart to the party, the new media combined their visit to his huanzhou line” activities will continue to the end of the stick to meet campaign implement the party’s two major topics in the main line, the time-sharing partial focus witty intersection, hometown of autumn, rural pottery store ponds, plugging city in one thousand, into villages, enterprises, in the field, such as a line at the grass-roots level, by means of new media,Wide areas reflect new changes, new look and new life in rural areas.(Tingting Guo, Youming Lu)