Success or failure: in fact, is the result of their own choice

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Author of the Article: If we all did what we are capable of doing, we would surprise ourselves.Why some people succeed, some people fail, there is no denying that everyone’s fortune, and the starting point is not the same!But in the final analysis, no matter how hard we have to do their own, do the best of their own efforts, no matter what the fate of their own will have a clear conscience, will have no remorse, no regret life, after all, everything is in their own hands, no matter how the final, can ensure peace of mind.Uszynski once said, “If you can successfully choose labor and pour your whole spirit into it, happiness will find you.”Success or failure: is the result of their own choice!What behavior you choose will lead to what kind of life life is not an opportunity, it is a choice!You can choose to be a good person, or you can choose to be a bad person, but you must pay the price for your choice.You choose to eat lazy, don’t complain about obesity;If you choose extravagance, do not complain about poverty;You choose to delay escape, do not complain about the difficulties will be more and more;If you choose hypocrisy, don’t complain that others are far away from you and can’t make sincere friends.You choose to die face, don’t blame yourself for nothing;You choose to be weak, no one will be strong for you.All plants and trees have the freedom to choose their own living conditions.2, If your life is a mess, face up to the wrong choices, immediately correct people are not sage, to err is human?It is better to know than to correct.All good success is based on mistakes, through repeated summary, timely correction and established.It doesn’t matter if you make a wrong choice for a while. The important thing is to recognize your mistakes, look at yourself, and put things right.Get yourself back on the right path right now.During the Period of The Three Kingdoms, Lv Meng was a general of the Eastern Wu state. He was outstanding in martial arts and distinguished in military achievements.But when I was a child, because my family was poor and could not afford to go to school, and could not read, he was called “Wu Xia Ameng, a warrior.”Lv Meng, however, did not agree.When Lu Meng was guarding the border, an important military plane had to report to Sun Quan. However, the person who had been in charge of writing the report happened to ask for leave to go home for the funeral. Lv Meng had no other way, so he rode on horseback and reported to Sun Quan himself.At that time, there was no major event, and general generals guarding the border would not leave their posts without permission. Sun Quan was shocked when he saw Lv Meng and could not laugh or cry after hearing the reason.He warned Lv Meng, “You are a good reader and can read. Since you are in such a high position, it will be difficult for everyone to criticize you if you cannot read. I want to promote you again, but I am afraid that others will privately disagree with you.”Sun Quan also gave many examples to encourage Lv Meng, and finally moved Lv Meng.From then on, Lv Meng changed his mind and abandoned all meaningless wine affairs. He devoted himself to studying sun Tzu’s Art of War, Six Towers and Guoyu at home.From then on, Lv Meng’s official position became higher and higher.Lu Su was surprised when he heard Lv Meng’s opinions during a meeting with him. He sighed that Lv Meng’s knowledge was so great that even he could not keep up with it.Heartfelt said 1: “the scholar don’t three days, when sit up and take notice.”It’s never too late to choose the right path of life and make yourself more outstanding!Li Ka-shing said a very classic quotation about face: “When you put down the face to make money, that you understand;When you use money to earn back face, that you have been successful;When you can make money with face, that you are already someone.And when you still stay there drinking, bragging, sleeping late, still don’t know pretending to know, only love the so-called face, that you can only do so in this life.”How much is face?The harsh reality tells us that face is not worth a penny in life and will only make you poor and worthless.When an adult is still in order to face, not to earn the so-called small money, and lead to their parents, children’s life is poor, it can be said that this person is the most no face, the most irresponsible, the most failure of people.Once was a bank president, resigned and a friend partnership business, due to the failure of investment, the loss of more than two million borrowed money, after the pain resolutely to deliver takeout.For three months running single volume champion, the fourth month was promoted to stationmaster, got all the praise.There is no so-called face in life, only the courage and natural and unrestrained strong struggle!Conclusion: Hegel said: “People often call willfulness freedom, but willfulness is only irrational freedom. Human choice and self-determination are not from the reason of will, but from the accidental motive and the dependence of this motive on the perceptual external world.”My dear friends, the right choice is so important to our life.Choose not with comfort and inertia, but with reason, willpower, and wisdom.Choose the right values;Choose the right lifestyle;Choose the right career;Choose friends who are sincere and kind;Choose a good partner…Success in life lies in the right choice!Taoism of Nature — Carry forward the essence of traditional culture and spread the classical wisdom of Sinology.Learn a little every day, make a little progress every day!If you like our sinology article, welcome to follow our account, and like, comment, forward below.Article pictures from the network, copyright belongs to the original author all, if there is infringement, contact delete