Sugar painting, dough figure, ice sugar gourd, cotton candy……Here is a warm Spring Festival for you

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Happy New Year drooling ice sugar gourd, delicious and good-looking cotton candy, lifelike sugar painting…These for 70, 80 later said are the memory of the taste of the New Year.During the Spring Festival, qingpu Wanda MAO Plaza launched the Intangible Cultural Heritage Year of China activity, specially inviting artisans to show their unique skills and show the charm of intangible cultural heritage culture.If you ask what is the happy memory of childhood has been unable to erase, always remembered, sugar painting is one of them.Holding the glittering and translucent “Flat dragon” “Flying Phoenix” gently lick, sweet taste will overflow the whole childhood, beautiful, unforgettable.Sugar painting, commonly known as “sugar cake pouring”, is a unique traditional handicraft skill combining folk arts and crafts with delicious food. It has been listed as China’s second batch of national intangible cultural heritage.Zhao Yafu, 35, from Harbin, has been influenced by sugar painting since childhood. Many of his family members are sugar painters, making and selling sugar paintings to make a living.When I was a child, it was so interesting to watch tangxi in a hot pot become a vivid pattern drawn by my uncle and uncle.So, when zhao grew up, he took over the mantle of his father and passed down the skill of sugar painting.Master Zhao grabbed the iron spoon with a thick handle and picked up the sugar in the pot, splashing it on the bright marble slab, or lifting it, or breaking it, or putting it down, or closing it at a great speed.After about a minute of drizzling sugar, a realistic tiger emerges.The sugar painter doesn’t have a script, it’s all in his head.They learned the characteristics and carving techniques of traditional shadow puppetry. The twelve zodiac animals, flowers, birds, fish and insects, birds and animals were vividly presented to the public with the continuous floating of sugar silk. Then they stuck on a bamboo stick while it was hot, and the job was done.”When I was young, my elders told me that candy paintings are not only the livelihood of the family, but also the joy and joy of children when they get candy paintings.”I want to pass on this craft because it brings back fond memories of my childhood and I want to keep that sweet love alive forever.”Zhao yafu said.In addition to making sugar paintings, Zhao has another special skill: making dough figures.Dough figurines, also known as dough figurines, are an intangible cultural heritage of China.It takes glutinous rice flour as the main material and mixes it into different colors. With the help of hands and simple tools, plus colors, paraffin wax and honey, the dough is made into soft and colorful dough after anti-cracking and anti-mildew treatment, shaping the image of various ingenious dough figures.Just a few minutes, a lovely cartoon image jump fingertips, different shapes, lively, charming, attracted a lot of children and even childlike “big friends” to watch and buy.The organizer of the event said that by holding such an event during the Spring Festival, it is hoped that today’s children will have a deeper understanding of China’s traditional culture, feel the charm of intangible cultural heritage and have a meaningful Spring Festival.In addition, shopping malls will also hold riddles and other folk activities during the Lantern Festival to convey a strong sense of the New Year to the public.Reporter: Li Yanli (chief) photography: Li Yanli (chief) Editor: Wu Yijing (famous and excellent) Responsible editor: Sun Chen (famous and excellent) reproduced please indicate from “green Qingpu” official wechat