Tianchang City Audit bureau earnestly implement the requirements of the provincial party group to vigorously promote the construction of style of work

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Recently, tianchang audit bureau of the party group according to the bulletin of the provincial bureaus of about will winds will age spirit, the organization of party to build a clean government meetings, and special research on the discipline to improve further serious meeting will winds notice, highlight to checking will winds will age problem rectification, reiterated that the relevant system and discipline requirements, truly standardize and strengthen the management meeting,Tree good audit team image.First, we will strictly standardize the procedures for conducting meetings.The office shall inform relevant personnel to attend the video conference in time according to the requirements of the scope and time of the conference, and make equipment debugging and venue layout in advance.For the global working meeting held by the bureau itself, except under special circumstances, the meeting plan shall be prepared 3-5 days in advance by the office of the handling Unit (bureau or center), which shall be reviewed and verified by the leaders in charge and then submitted to the main leaders. After the approval of the main leaders, the office shall make overall arrangements.Second, we will strictly enforce the system of asking for leave from meetings.For those who are unable to attend the meeting due to special circumstances, they should apply for leave procedure to the main leader or meeting convenor of the bureau in advance, explain the reason for leave, and report to the office.Participants are not allowed to leave during the meeting without the consent of the moderator.Those who are unable to attend the meeting due to personal illness should submit the approval form for leave cancellation to the bureau office.Third, strict meeting sign-in system.The bureau office is responsible for making a sign-in book for the meeting, which is placed in the conference room 10 minutes in advance for sign-in.No sign in.Those who fail to sign in and explain the reasons in time shall be regarded as absent from the meeting.Fourth, strict discipline requirements at the venue.After entering the meeting room, participants must turn off or mute their communication tools. Smoking is prohibited in the meeting room.During the meeting, it is forbidden to make phone calls, play with mobile phones, doze off in the meeting room, walk around, talk to each other or leave the meeting room for a long time, carry newspapers and books irrelevant to the meeting room to read, and do other things irrelevant to the meeting.If the meeting involves confidential contents, the relevant confidentiality provisions shall be strictly implemented.Fifth, we will tighten oversight and management of conference proceedings.The office of the bureau shall conduct real-time supervision and timely report on the compliance of the conference rules and regulations.The officials who violate the rules and regulations of the association for one time shall be reminded and criticized by the leaders of the bureau;I violated the rules of the wind and discipline of the meeting twice, and made a profound inspection on the general meeting of cadres and workers, and cancelled the annual qualification of all kinds of excellent evaluation;Those who violate the rules for three or more times, are advised to assign discipline inspection teams to admonish or discipline their duties, and to serve as bases for evaluation, adjustment, or promotion.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn