China’s divorce rate soars after the Spring Festival, with children having to pay for their parents’ mistakes

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There are two periods of high incidence of divorce: after the college entrance examination and after the Spring Festival.Divorce is no secret nowadays, and many couples divorce for bizarre reasons, such as the other’s snoring or wearing silk pajamas.These couples treat marriage as a child’s play, and serious problems arise in their concept of marriage.If there are no children after divorce, it is ok. If there are children, aren’t children the biggest victim?How do children suffer when their parents divorce?Soul: extreme lack of security parents divorce is not overnight, two people because of a sudden quarrel, immediately to the civil affairs bureau of divorce.Instead, they accumulate a lot of little things in their daily lives until they can’t stand it anymore.In this way, many smart children will also have a sense in advance, from their parents’ communication state in daily life, behavior, and even look at each other’s eyes.Children are more sensitive to this kind of thing than adults think. Although they can’t tell the bad guys in the outside environment, at home, their parents’ feelings about themselves are very accurate.Even if the parents stay together, children live in constant fear that one day they will wake up as the children of a single parent.Even the most mentally strong children go into a trance when they learn of their parents’ divorce because they just can’t put it in perspective. In their eyes, it’s like the sky is falling.In addition, they can’t understand why their parents want to divorce, what is the big deal to live apart, and even some children will blame this responsibility on themselves, despise themselves.As a result, they will be in a sad mood all day long and feel inferior in front of their classmates, thinking that after their parents divorce, they will be looked down upon by others.In the long run, can physical development be unaffected?Ball mother said: many parents who do not choose to divorce because of bad feelings, most of them consider their children’s feelings, afraid of affecting their children’s study and life, they choose to compromise with each other, all for their children.Therefore, there are two explosive periods for parents to divorce in China, one of which is the end of the children’s college entrance examination.By this time, parents feel their job is done and the child is 18 years old enough to understand them.For the sake of the child compromise for most of the life, the good day is finally coming, can live according to their own ideas, and they also have a certain economic foundation, can provide them to do whatever they want.Another peak is after the Spring Festival.After the Spring Festival, China’s divorce rate soars as children have to pay for their parents’ mistakes. Draw the line as soon as the play is over in front of the family. According to the customs of traditional festivals, during the Spring Festival, families gather together to have the New Year’s Eve dinner and watch the Spring Festival Gala.Even children who live in other places after they get married will return to their parents during the Spring Festival.At this time, many couples who plan to divorce will choose to pretend for a while, after all, divorce is a matter of two people, there is no need to let parents follow worry, or want to pretend to be a filial son in front of their parents.However, as soon as they come back from their hometown during the Spring Festival, couples will choose to go through the divorce procedure immediately, so that they can find another way to do it during the following Spring Festival.And the children heart will be more blow, originally thought parents can be reconciled, but did not expect to come over the New Year or can not change this fact!Most men will not choose children after divorce, they would rather pay a certain amount of child support every month than choose to live with the child.Because children are their own drag.In fact, the result is exactly what his wife wanted.If the children really live with the father, the father of the future to find a stepmother for the children, another baby, their children will not suffer?But not all mothers are so altruistic. If neither parent wants a child, the child will end up on a diet of “family meals”, with uncles and aunts taking care of them for two days.If really come to such a field, the child’s inner shadow area will make us surprised jaw!It can even directly affect their normal future growth!Today’s topic: If you were thinking about divorce, would you consider children?Will you fight for custody of the children?Please share your thoughts with us!