Did you go home for Chinese New Year?Remember: China has a unique community called Lao jia

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Today is the 28th day of the 12th lunar month, the traditional New Year’s Eve.Many units are on holiday, the People’s Republic of China in the vast space, filled with a deep New Year.I remember December 25th last year. It was a Saturday. One of my neighbors was bored at home and asked me if I had a football game to watch.I opened the game APP and found an extremely strange phenomenon that the five major leagues did not have a match.Then the neighbors caught on because it was Christmas.Christmas is probably celebrated in more places than anywhere else on the planet.However, on the same earth, the most festive atmosphere should be the Chinese Spring Festival.Of course, the Chinese Spring Festival mentioned here actually refers to the Spring Festival in the Chinese cultural circle, including some neighboring countries.So there is a phenomenon in China that makes other countries’ mouths open. It is called Spring Festival Travel rush.As the Chinese New Year approaches, buses, trains and planes are packed with people.Going home for the Spring Festival is the biggest ceremony of the Spring Festival.In feudal society, after attending the evening court and offering sacrifices in the morning, the emperor would generally release the civil and military officials to go home for the Spring Festival.This is a humane consideration, but also to the custom of returning home for the Spring Festival.So there is a fixed term in China called laojia.Many people are most familiar with the promise is the old family, but many people most often joke about the old family.Lao Yan mainly talks about the old family in this article.The so-called old family, commitment is not fixed, and even the living environment is not necessarily fixed, the region is not necessarily fixed, but one thing is certain, that is, those who have appeared in your growth environment.These people have a special love for you, especially when they are in other places. When they meet their fellow countrymen, their eyes are full of tears. They help each other and take care of each other, which is more reassuring than ordinary people and more warm than ordinary people.But this is a culture of love and death.Here are a few historical stories.After the uprising of Chen Sheng and Wu Guang, Chen Sheng declared himself king of Zhang and Chu.Then the people in their hometown found out about it, and they went to him.When one of them came to the gate of Chen’s camp, the guard asked him who he was looking for.The sentry got angry and asked: “Did you call my king’s name casually?”So they kicked him out.He went back and told his companions.The gang had come a long way and did not want to go back, so they wandered the streets nearby, hoping to see Chen Sheng when he came out.This day Chen Sheng really came out, happened to be seen by him, he hurried up to call Chen Sheng’s nickname.Chen Sheng saw, this is my old family, so he asked him to get on the car, and sat back together.However, although returned to Chen Sheng’s palace, Chen Sheng is after all the King of Zhang Chu, usually see one side is very difficult.But because they are Chen Sheng’s hometown.Like Chen Sheng at the beginning, these people were mud legs and farmers who had never seen the world.When I walked around Chen Sheng’s palace, I was very curious about what I saw. “Son of a tortoise, this house is so high!””Grandma leg, this curtain is so beautiful!”All kinds of obscenities come out of the mouth.The people in the palace, because they were from Chen Sheng’s hometown, did not dispute with them, and treated them with good wine and meat.They sit around all day doing nothing, and then they start talking.Some said: “Chen Sheng, Chen Sheng, where did I think you still have today?High house, big house, palace like house to enjoy.”Some said, “I remember when Chen Sheng was still a farmer, he had to suffer a lot from poor medical care and inadequate food. How could I imagine that he had made such great fortune today?”In order to show their understanding of Chen Sheng, all scrambling, Chen Sheng in those days all shaken out.Although Chen Sheng did not meet with them, as the king of Zhang chu, he kept his eyes wide open and his ears wide open, so many people told him.He had been down and out, but to say it publicly, to let many people know about it, was very damaging to his authority.So he ordered the guards to take the craziest of them and cut them in two.This is one of many stories about Zhu Yuanzhang and his family.Once zhu Yuanzhang was discussing state affairs with his ministers in the imperial court. At this time, a young eunuch came to bing and told him that there was a man outside, who was his fellow countryman.Zhu Yuanzhang wanted to show off in front of him, so he asked the eunuch to call the man to the Throne room.This person saw Zhu Yuanzhang, or as before, called him by his nickname.Zhu Yuanzhang was not happy, but continued to entertain.Who knows this person in order to get close, said that zhu Yuanzhang is very understanding, said a lot of his embarrassment in those days.A dignified emperor, was exposed in the poor things, face no place to put ah.Zhu Yuanzhang had no choice but to have his old family member cut in two.The third story is about Xiang Yu.According to the Records of Xiang Yu, after Chen Sheng burned down the Epang Palace, he was advised to stay in Guanzhong, because only in Guanzhong could the supervisors shock others and maintain his rule.However, he insisted on returning to jiangdong, said, “wealth does not return home, such as yi Jin night.”Of course, Xiang Yu died on his way home, but at last he realized that he should not go home, so he did not cross the Wujiang River.But the boy figured it out too late.However, without further analysis of history, Lao Yan just wants to say that, in Xiang Yu’s eyes, returning home is to show off in front of the old family.I remember I read a news about an ordinary citizen who announced that he would not attend the reunion in the future.The reason is very simple, the reunion is to keep up with the joneses, classmates are used to show off objects.When you go to school together, we all know that competition is about who does better, who has more ability, who can make more money.And between old family, the mutual understanding between than classmate is deeper, no matter you are poor or rich in those days, no matter you are witty or simple and honest, everyone lives together and grow.Come out and mix after, come back home again, also want to show that I mix better than others.Xiang Yu wanted to go back to Jiangdong because he wanted to show off his achievements in front of his fellow villagers there.And when we see the villagers, have we ever thought about how to let the villagers know that I mix very well?The old family is a complex group, and the relationship with the old family is a complex relationship.Laoxiang see laoxiang, two tearful, this is because some words can only say together with the old family, and can not let the colleagues in the work know, can not let the neighbors living in a community know.It’s love between old families.As for killing each other, three stories have been told.